Month: July 2020

120+ Instagram stats and facts of 2020

A huge chunk of the world’s population is now using Instagram. There’s no surprise that there are so many huge fans of the platform, since it is pretty versatile, both for private users, marketers and for individuals and businesses that want to use it to increase their presence, or to become an influencer and earn from the platform. We’ll be looking at why Instagram has been such a success, and why you should be using Instagram – if, of course, you’re not already on board!


Instagram basics

Instagram was launched on October 6th, 2010. In the decade it has been in existence, it has grown to be one of the biggest social media success stories – possibly in part due to being bought by Facebook in the first couple of years the platform was in existence. When Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, they paid $1 billion in cash and stock – and yet at that time, Instagram had only amassed 30 million users. From there, Instagram was monetised for advertising in 2013. As of 2018, Bloomberg valued Instagram as worth $100 billion – and considering we’re now in 2020 and that figure has continued to rise, we’d say that’s a pretty impressive return on the initial investment!

Instagram currently employs around 550 people worldwide.
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How to win your battle for content marketing buy-in

When you’re eager to help your business earn more through content marketing, but you’re encountering reluctance to give the go ahead with your proposed project, it can be really frustrating. As a marketing professional, you know that with a strong content marketing strategy, your blog posts, videos and podcasts can help to drive massive traffic to your website – which will help to increase customer conversions and in the long term, profits. So why is it so hard to get managers to buy in, and how can we get around this issue? We’ll take a look in this post, as well as looking at some of the ways that we know have definitely worked to get senior managers to buy into content marketing.


Why is it so hard to get senior managers to invest in content marketing?

You would think that it would be as simple as getting your management team to recognise that the investment they need to make in your content marketing strategy, combined with the return on their investment would add up to them saying yes – especially when you can show an impressive ROI. But unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way.
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Clickbait content: the good, the bad and the downright ugly

When you’re looking to get more traffic to your website, you might be looking for ways to encourage people to click through. If the quality of your content isn’t inspiring those clicks, then you might be looking for ways to get people to just click through anyway. To clickbait or not to clickbait, that is the question!


Well. It might not have actually been the question, but it is a question that is definitely worth pondering. If you’re thinking about using clickbait to get people to your website and wondering if it is a good idea or not, this article is for you. We’ll dig into what clickbait really is, where the practice came from, all the reasons not to use it as well as some of the reasons that you should consider it, and take a look at some examples of good use of clickbait and some really bad examples.
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Editorial calendar tips, tools, and templates

Whether you’re just starting to develop your content strategy, or you’ve been trying to get on top of your content for ages but haven’t quite cracked what works for your business, then you’ll be looking at ways that you can do so. An editorial calendar is necessary for ensuring ideas and themes don’t get forgotten, and for making sure that your ideas are turned into content that gets published on time, and even for ensuring you pay your writers or designers invoice templates on time. By creating an editorial calendar, you can help your content to achieve your business aims and more, which all add up to increased profits – so it is well worth taking the time to do it properly.


What is an editorial calendar?

An editorial calendar is a way to see a schedule of work in a visual format. The editorial calendar might show the workflow for the day, week or month, and will ideally show all the types of content you create, as well as the channels that they will be published, the date of publication and the author for each piece of content.
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