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170+ visual marketing statistics in 2021

Creating visual content is essential if you’re going to successfully market a business – whether it is your own, or a business that you’re marketing on behalf of. As the old adage goes, a picture speaks a thousand words, and when we take video into account as a form of visual marketing, there are quite literally millions of words that can be conveyed. While we will be blogging for some time to come, there are so many reasons to use visual content in your marketing efforts, and not least because a load of text can be tedious to get through! Visual assets are essential for keeping page visitors on the page – since 80% of readers purely skim read online content – and of the 20% of people who do read content, they only actually read about 28% of content before leaving the page. Using images, and video on landing pages helps to increase the time spent on the page – but let’s find out more about why you should be using visual marketing.