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The Marketing Helpline (trading as Porta Studios Ltd Company no: 09063393 VAT no: GB302421856 based in Milton Keynes, UK) has made a big splash in the online marketing industry! Our aim is not to disrupt it as we feel that marketing agencies are essential in the role of guiding and supporting businesses penetrate their respective markets but rather be a vital complement. After extensive research we discovered that the majority of the time, agency or internal employees get tied down in meetings after meetings, reporting, and liaising with others whereas we can just focus on the data and maximising return on investment.

Additionally, the small to medium business sector is largely held down by a lack of budget towards their marketing efforts whereas the Venture Capital-backed startup sector is held down by a lack of resources and therefore a cost-effective external solution where we can guide and lead the strategy for these businesses while other cheaper resources can be used to implement or even the owners where possible.


about us team

We are composed currently of a small team of two founding members who have a combined 30-year experience in the organic search and content marketing niche, Aires Loutsaris and Leah Prichard, with another two employees all working remotely towards one united goal and that is to help our clients succeed. Even though TMH is a venture that began in 2020 as the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic made its way globally affecting SMBs across a wide range of Industries, we have actually been in the Online Marketing Industry for over 15 years now, devising and managing SEO, email, affiliate and social media campaigns.

TMH has helped the following brands achieve their goals: Trouva, Job.com, Avasam, Replyco, EatSleepLive, Staysure, Teapigs, Medlabgear, Vaxxen Labs, Avanti Travel Insurance, Lyco, Vuanem, Lighting Direct, Online Lighting, The Green House PNW, Afloral, Playing Card Decks, iPaintings, Echo, Nectar Sleep, Pedulla Studio, Architects Republic, Cycura, Fashion Eyewear, Jedi Robe, TreeTribe, Diamond Treats, Profit Accumulator, Advisable, FarmsToMarket, Skoove, JBR Capital, Manga High, Feel Good Contacts, Mealthy, Join Blink, My Job Matcher, Poll Pass, Global Web Index, 360 GSP, LiGo, Appcessories, The Famous Company, Wedding Planner, Sage Brown, Midgaard Shop, UKWristBands, Hobarts, InknTonerUK, Gifts From HandPicked, Mollie And Fred, Wolf & Player, Walk Of Life Careers, Armchair Mountaineer, Check My Body Health, Link Big, Natural HR, Imaginary Lava, Medtech Engine, Woolet, Kings College University of London, University of Hull, The Open University, Anglia Ruskin University, Pearson Group, Barnardos, By The Bridge, PurpleBricks, PokerStars, FullTiltPoker, and Casinos Austria International.

Here you can see our TrustPilot page which contains a collection of reviews by some of our clients or feel free to check in with us on FaceBook or LinkedIn.