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How often should I blog?
We know that there are a huge number of businesses that either don’t blog, or start blogging and then abandon their blogging efforts when times get busy. And we get it – we’ve been there ourselves on more than one occasion. But a consistent blogging strategy can have huge benefits for companies, so it is...
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twitter statistics facts
One of the longest established social media networks, launching the year after Facebook, YouTube and Reddit, Twitter has continued to be an essential platform for individuals and businesses that want to build their brand. While Twitter hasn’t gained quite so many users as some of the other social media platforms, we definitely see it as...
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How to write a CV
When it is time to start looking for a job, the first thing you’ll need to get sorted is your CV, so that when you find the job of your dreams (or at least, one that will get you on the path to your dream job!) you’re ready to apply. Once you’ve got your CV...
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TikTok facts & stats to know in 2021
We know that there are a number of businesses that are starting to become aware of the potential that TikTok has to offer, but many people that we speak to don’t know the extent to which TikTok could be so valuable in terms of brand awareness and reaching more customers. With that in mind, we’ve...
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170+ visual marketing statistics
Creating visual content is essential if you’re going to successfully market a business – whether it is your own, or a business that you’re marketing on behalf of. As the old adage goes, a picture speaks a thousand words, and when we take video into account as a form of visual marketing, there are quite...
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160+ mobile marketing statistics to know in 2021
Mobile marketing was relatively slow to start, compared with how long the technology has been around. However, once marketing teams got their heads around just how much potential there was, it wasn’t surprising that it became a huge part of their strategy. And of course, with a new marketing opportunity comes a whole bunch of...
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155+ marketing statistics 2021
When it comes to marketing, there are a lot of statistics out there to consider! Although we’ve covered a lot of statistics in some of our posts previously, today we’re having a look at some of the biggest statistics we know in marketing and what they really mean for marketing and advertising professionals. We’ll cover...
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150+ YouTube facts and statistics for 2020
The success of YouTube was unexpected for a lot of people, but it is now a household name since Google bought the platform in 2006. Today we’re looking at some of the most astounding statistics from YouTube, but since the platform has such a heavy focus on video, we can’t look at YouTube without looking...
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Why B-roll video footage is so valuable for businesses
B-roll, B roll, B-reel or B reel – in the world of film making, you’ll hear these being thrown around without any real explanation of what they actually mean. What professional film makers are referring to though is pretty simple really; they are the names that videographers and film makers use to refer to additional,...
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eCommerce statistics
Whether you’re a long-term fan of online shopping or you’ve been pushed towards shopping online due to world events this year, it is impossible to deny how eCommerce has changed the face of retail. The whole world has been moving towards shopping online since the late 1990s and early 2000s, when Amazon was a website...
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