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We are an SEO and marketing agency that are passionate about supporting businesses in Brighton and Sussex. Working with you, our local experts will understand the needs of your business in order to bring more visitors to your website.

Brighton SEO Agency

Brighton businesses need SEO

From The Lanes to Churchill Square and beyond to the iconic sea front, Brighton is renowned for the array of innovative businesses that offer all kinds of products and services. It is just one of the reasons that millions visit the city every year but competition is high. To stay ahead, you need a great website and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that helps customers to find you. Whether your aim is to increase footfall in your store from local customers, or you want to increase online purchases, your website must be at the top of the search engine results which can be a tough ask.

Only 5.7% of pages rank within the top 10 search results within a year

The more backlinks a page has, the more organic traffic it gets from Google

SEO drives more than 1000% more traffic than organic social media

Your website needs to look fantastic, with a great user experience, but design isn’t enough to drive traffic. Getting your page to rank, gaining backlinks and keeping up with changes to SEO practices can take your focus away from your business.

Brighton SEO services

Businesses and organisations in Brighton and Sussex need their website to work hard since there is just so much competition. We’ll identify what needs to be done to help boost your rank on search engine results, and help you to implement those changes. This will ensure help to ensure your website is higher on the search engine results pages, bringing more visitors to your website.

Google changes the algorithm regularly

For businesses, this presents a huge challenge staying on top of those changes is essential to keep the website at the top of search engine results. But on top of the running of a business, it can be really hard to do. Working with us frees your time to focus on what you do best.

The requirements of your business

Every business is unique, with distinct requirements, even if the over-arching goals are the same to become better known, and to increase profits. Whether you need to increase your link profile, the authority of your website or to move up the search engine results pages, we won’t make any recommendations until we’ve understood what you want to achieve.

The skills of our specialists

We know SEO inside out, and we’ve worked with a wide range of businesses, meaning that we can provide optimal services and boost your website effectively. We’ll recommend the strategies that we know will work best, but we won’t try and sell you unnecessary extras or pressure you, we’ll be honest, and respect your decisions.

SEO services

Keyword Research

Knowing which keywords to target in your website content can be a real challenge. Even using keyword research tools doesn’t always provide you with the best strategy. Our SEO experts will identify the best keywords for your business, and ensure you’re using them in the most advantageous way.

Link Building

Building your domain rank involves getting high quality backlinks from other websites. If you’re new to this, it can be intimidating yet getting the right backlinks will boost your website dramatically, and help your website to show up higher in the search engine results pages.

Google Optimisation

Google business listings are another way for customers to find your business, but setting it up well can help to ensure you’re seen by more people. Once it has been verified by Google, there is significant value to be wrung from your business listing.

On-Page Optimisation

Your website needs to tell your customers what your business is all about, but it also needs to tell the search engines in the most effective way too. We’ll work to ensure each page is optimised, with exactly the right type of information that will keep your website at the top.


Google tools

Want to understand more about how your website is performing, and what is impacting your presence on the search engine results pages, Google Search Central and Google Analytics are tools that can help, but they can be complex our team can help you get the most from both of them.

Content Creation

The phrase ‘content is king’ is rolled out so often because it is true, high quality, professionally written and curated content is great for both your customers and your SEO. Members of our team live in the Brighton area, and can provide content for many different sectors.

Local Search Optimisation

We can help you to secure backlinks from the right websites to ensure that local customers see your website more often and if you’re targeting national customers, we can help with that too. We’re experts in local SEO, and we’ll apply our knowledge to get those customers to you.