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facebook ad servicesAs one of the most important and prominent inventions in human history, social media has changed the world. At The Marketing Helpline, we have watched as social media has grown to become a genuine behemoth. It has connected the world, and it has given us the chance to expand far beyond where we once thought possible. At The Marketing Helpline, we help people to utilise our social media services to benefit their businesses. After all, why wouldn’t you use the most comprehensive tool for marketing ever invented?

Without doubt, social media has changed the entire face of marketing forever. Even as recently as a decade ago, marketing techniques were very impersonal – businesses would use billboard advertisements, hoping to catch the tiniest fraction of those who looked at the advert. Businesses were using keyword stuffing on their websites to try and boost the number of people interested in their company. It was all very soulless, though, and content often lacked a compelling message that really spoke to the target customer.

Social media has changed marketing beyond recognition. Social media allows us to help businesses personalise their advertising efforts, at a fraction of the cost that marketing once did. But how do you even get started? If you don’t have a clue, or you’re too busy to even think about developing a social media advert strategy, get in touch.

Who are you targeting?

When using our social media services, you are hiring a company with a vast level of expertise targeting the right customers through social media adverts. We make the process much easier a series of unique targeting methods. Before we get started, we’ll ask you a range of questions that include:

  • Who you are targeting?
  • What kind of problem your target has, and what solutions you can offer in return?
  • Why would your target customer be likely to choose your business over a competitor?
  • Where are your targets are likely to be based?
  • When would the best time to contact them be?

In addition, we’ll look to understand other factors. What kind of age groups are you targeting? How do you know they will have an interest in what you have to say? What kind of keywords and search terms should we be using? How far do you want to try and target your new advertisement?

The answers to these questions will vary wildly from business to business, but social media marketing allows us to be far more specific than you would get with normal marketing. That’s why social media services are essential: they let us target the right customers for you.

Use Facebook ads to perfect your marketing approach

When you work with our team at The Marketing Helpline, you have access to genuine experts in using Facebook Ads. As one of the most diverse and commonly used social media platforms, Facebook offers some of the best chances to really capture and build an audience that wants to know what you have to say.

We highly recommend Facebook Ads for the perfect approach. With Facebook, we can target customers using location, occupation, personal hobbies, interests, and so much more. We use Facebook Ads to ensure that your Ad budget is used more effectively, and provides a much finer return on your investment.

Our team will use Facebook Ads to make the process of reaching your target customers much, much simpler. Our expertise means that the number of interested viewers will go from one in a thousand to one in ten – which is a much more effective and profitable way to advertise your business.

Why spend thousands on a wide-net marketing campaign that tries to speak to everyone, but in the end speaks to nobody? Why invest your time and effort into chasing everyone, when social media advertising allows you to chase someone specific?

With our help, there really is no limit as to what you can use social media marketing for. Our social media services can streamline your marketing and give your business the assistance that it needs to reach its target customers and achieve lasting success. Contact us today to discuss more about how we can help you and your business grow using the power of social media marketing.

Finally set your focus on Social Media

FaceBook ads and organic social media success is a click away