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About Alexa Rank Checker

As a webmaster, one of the most important parts of ownership of a website is your ranking. And no, we don’t mean your ranking by any kind of blog post. We mean your search engine ranking and your Alexa ranking. Both play a major part in helping your website to be determined in terms of quality, depth of features, and various other factors. Alexa, then, has become one of the most popular rankings and yardsticks for the quality and popularity of a website today.

If you want to see how your own website is getting on, you might wish to check out our Alexa Rank checker. This useful and beginner-friendly tool will have you simply drop the URL of your website onto the checker. Then, hit ‘Submit’ and you can quickly and easily get the ranked checked out without a single second wasted.

Our tool gives you a straight answer, making sure you easily understand what it means. You will be given an interesting range of options in terms of your traffic ranking, including a year-long ranking that shows how high your website got in terms of its ranking throughout the annual year. You also get your global rank, your popularity rating, and your regional rank. You even find out how man backlinks you have.

We have designed this simple, easy tool to give you a quick way to find out your Alexa Rank. It might not seem like a massive deal at first, but you do want to try to work on improving your Alexa Rank. The more that you can do to raise this metric, the more proof there is that your website is growing, improving, and implementing the kind of features that it needs.

So, why not find out where your website is at via our Alexa Rank checker?


What is my Alexa Rank?

Simply put, an Alexa Rank is a form of website measurement. It is used as an all-around score that is provided through a range of key performance indicators. A website with an Alexa Rank of 1, for example, would be deemed the ‘most popular’ website out there. It shows you how well your website is doing when it is compared to other websites in the world.

It takes in a host of interesting discussion points and should give you plenty of information to think about regarding how your website is running. It is an excellently managed way to give you an idea of where to take your next steps. The more that you can do as a webmaster to make changes to your Alexa Rank, the more you will benefit in the long-term.

The rank takes in a host of factors, most importantly traffic volume and user engagement. If you want to raise your Alexa Rank, then you need to find ways to boost how many people visit your site and what they do while visiting!

Traffic and engagement is considered through a host of browsing behaviours, making sure you fully grasp how people are using your website. That can be invaluable in terms of making sure you can better understand not only what your Alexa Rank does, but how it benefits you in the long-term.

Therefore, you should do all that you can to not only understand the Alexa Rank you receive but why you rank where you are. This gives you great ideas about what you can then do to try and improve your website, based on the strengths and weaknesses of your Rank.

Your Alexa Rank, though, is a useful starting place if you would like an overall performance barometer.


Why do I need to know my Alexa Rank?

Anyone running a website today wants the website to be the best that it can be, right?

Well, if that is the case, then you absolutely do want to try and focus on improving your Alexa Rank. It might be tough to do, but you should have no problem in making improvements to traffic and engagement once you know what works.

Just remember, though, that you are competing against billions of websites. The Alexa Rank is not going to be able to move too much in one single day, or even one single week. Over a period of months, or years, though? You could make all the difference!

That’s why you should use our Alexa Rank to find out where you stand today. Though this provides you with a very basic starting report, it does let you know what the next step is for your website. If you wish to know where your website ranks against every website out there, you should try out our Alexa Rank checker.

Now, you will know exactly where to target and focus on when it comes to making improvements in the future.