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About Backlink Checker

Running a website? Then you might want to make sure you have as many good backlinks as you can. Backlinks are a key part of any website, as they play a key role in showing the search engines you have something relevant to say. The internet is a massive place, though, and keeping up with every backlink going for a URL can be a major headache!

With that in mind, we have put together a simple, quick, and easy to use backlink checker. To use this tool, you simply need to log the URL that you wish to have checked out. The checker will then run its diagnostics and come back with a number of backlinks. You will then know in total how well backlinked a page is. This gives you a simple, easy way to work out what pages to try and push forward with and where to try and draw in more backlinks.

At the same time, it also lets you easily check which pages appear to be making the most significant impact. With our quick and easy backlink checker, then, you can find out what pages are ‘hot’ and which might need some heating up.


What is a backlink?

A backlink is a very useful part of online marketing and plays a key role in the development of just about any business opportunity. If you are looking for a way to try and improve your business chances, then you probably need to look closely at having more backlinks. In short, backlinks play a big role in pointing a search engine towards the ‘truth’ of the matter.

The search engine crawlers work 24/7, checking every website and trying to deem where each page fits in terms of relevance. As you might imagine, that takes a huge amount of effort and time. It also means that mistakes can be made. Your website or webpage might be mistaken for being involved with a niche or industry that it has nothing to do with. It could be a case of language being misunderstood, or a whole host of reasons otherwise.

Regardless, if your website is not being relevant to the searches it appears in, people will click back. This creates a high ‘bounce rate’, which then means the search engines know that you are not relevant to the intended audience. That, then, is why backlinks matter so much!

A backlink is like a green light to the search engine crawlers that there is a relevant link. Why? Because a website isn’t going to link to something that has no relevance to its point, topic, or industry. As such, if your present terms are showing you not only being clicked on by users but also linked to by other sites, it helps to confirm that you are, in fact, relevant to those terms.

Backlinking, then, especially from larger websites can go some way to helping ensure that your business can make gradual but important steps up the search engine ranking placements.


Why do I need a backlink checker?

There are many websites that have backlinks that you might not have any idea of. A blog you have never interacted with may have linked to you. An online forum or chat service might have mentioned you. You might even come up in the discussion or description pages of a product and/or service. Whatever the reason, you want to know if you are being linked back to in the first place.

With our backlink checker, you can easily find out if you have any backlinks to a certain page. For example, you might have recently pushed a campaign out on a new product that is on sale in your store. Has anyone now linked to the product page? Have they found it sufficiently exciting enough to create a link back to your page/product?

These little factors play a major role in why you might need a backlink checker. It always gives you some ideas about where you are going in terms of progression. You will be able to get a backlink checker that does the work you need, informing you of what pages seem to be gaining the most traction with other website authors and owners.

And that is such an important part of networking, reputation building, and SEO. The more other websites, especially websites which do well themselves from a ranking perspective, link back to you the better. It means that you are growing an audience through the other companies in your niche/industry that find what you have to say intriguing.

For that reason, you should absolutely look to use a backlink checker if you want to know which pages to prioritise either focusing on or improving. Either way, our easy-to-use tool makes finding out the presence of backlinks very easy indeed. No-fuss, no excess; just a quick, simple answer