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About Blacklist Lookup

As the owner of a website, it is up to you to find out if your website has any issues. These issues can be varied and specific, but one major issue is finding that you have been blacklisted. Being blacklisted is a major issue for any website, as it means that you have been flagged as potentially dangerous or nefarious by someone. If you would like to find out if your website has been blacklisted manually, it can be a time-consuming effort. With our Blacklist Lookup tool, though, you can find out in a few clicks if you are blacklisted or not.

To use our Blacklist Lookup, you just need to click on the URL bar and implement the URL of your website. Then, our Blacklist Lookup will run an analysis of major SPAM database servers. Then, you will be shown if you are appearing on any of these lists as a blacklisted website. This would mean that anyone using that spam listing would be recommended to not view your website.

Naturally, this is going to dreadfully impact traffic. If you find you are blacklisted, you can then dispute the issue with the SPAM database server provider.


What is a blacklist?

The term blacklisting means that you have been put on a list of websites to avoid and ignore. It might mean that your website never appears, is masked out on recommendations, or simply is given a warning when someone visits. Naturally, having a blacklisted website is sure to lead to various problems with your reputation. Anyone who finds that a website is blacklisted will be sure to tell others to avoid using that site.

As such, you might wish to do more to try and get off any blacklist services. By using our service, though, you can quickly find out if you have been listed to be ignored or watched carefully by any SPAM database. Then, you can contact the database owner and see if a compromise can be sought. At the very least, you should be able to find out what it is about your website that has meant it will be blacklisted in this way.

Being blacklisted can be harmful for your reputation, and it could become a major issue that you need to resolve ASAP. Should you run our Blacklist Lookup and find that your website has been listed, then do we highly recommend that you contact the ISP.


Why is my website blacklisted?

There are many reasons why a website might appear on a SPAM database on our Blacklist Lookup. We use popular and high-quality block lists to see if you appear, so we tend to stick to showing you mainstream blocking lists. As such, if you do appear on this, then you might also appear on other, more nich