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About Broken Links Finder

When marketing a website or optimising it for search engine optimisation (SEO), links are very important. A link is a crucial part of any kind of online content, as it takes the reader from one page to the next. It could be a link to a news article backing up your point. It could be a link to a study or some kind of factual proof. It could even be a like to a page or a product that is available for hire, purchase, or usage. Whatever the reason, though, one thing that every link needs to be able to show is that it works!

Yet, as a webmaster, do you really have time to check every link? You likely don’t. If that is the case, then we highly recommend that you run your webpages through our broken links finder. This tool simply needs you to enter a URL and it will then be checked over by the system. This ensures that you have a website that is secure, safe, and capable of being used in terms of the links from page to page.

From an old invalid URL to a page that has been moved, our broken links finder can speed up what is often an arduous process.


What is a broken link?

A broken link is a website hyperlink from one page to another that no longer works. If you click on a hyperlink, then it should open up a new website. It could be the same company, but a different page on-site. It could be a merchant platform like Amazon or eBay. It could even be a link to a high authority page like the BBC or a major news publication.

However, you cannot know if a link is dead until you click on the link. If a link is broken, it means that the page that is used to link to has been removed, changed, or edited. Many times, this can come down to a URL that has been adjusted. Sometimes, you might even find that the redirect has changed and that the old link no longer is valid or works.

If that is the case, you might wish to spend some time getting used to the fact that links are broken and need to be replaced. Our broken links finder, though, ensures you aren’t having to go checking every link by hand.


Why should I use a broken links finder?

Because you need to know if any links on your website are broken. If the link is broken, it stops the clicker getting the information they wanted. This could mean they do not trust your information, or they are unable to invest in the product/service you linked to. This is why having fully working links should be a priority for any webmaster.

By using our broken links finder, then, you can quickly find out if the links are actually broken. This saves you many hours of going back and forth, ensuring that you can spend a bit more time enjoying the website browsing experience. You can now focus on making sure that links are genuine, that they make sense, and that they are SEO optimised. For so long as the link works, you are already halfway there in terms of making sure the website is safe to use for its visitors.

We recommend, then, that you look to get your website up and running properly with the help of our broken links finder. Simply check out any URLs that you think are not working, and our link checker will evaluate the issue.


Why don’t I just leave the link broken?

The reason is simple – you will chase people off of your website with broken links. If they click on your website and it is not working, or vital links are broken, it looks really unprofessional. People might be more inclined to then go to another website for information or for a service/product. You might even have broken crucial links by changing the URL and not setting up the right redirect.

Whatever you are looking for, though, you will find that having broken links can only harm your site. It will cause more bounce rates, and it will be likely to cause people to stop using your website for information gathering. This can have a negative SEO impact, and it can also hurt your business in terms of its long-term reputation. Try to keep that in mind as you move forward, and you should find it a bit easier to ensure that your website can feel safer for people to use.

Broken links are often a sign of something not being managed properly, and our broken links finder can help you to analyse the subject. Then, you can take action and fix any links which are no longer working.