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About Bulk Domain Age Checker

Trying to give yourself a leg-up when it comes to taking your online enterprise further? Then you should take a look at finding good quality domains. A domain that has a long history of success is very useful to invest in if you are looking to make your life easier. By using something like our easy to use bulk domain age checker, you can quickly look through potential names that you wish to check out to see how long they have been around.

This might not seem like a huge deal, but a bulk domain age checker is a very useful tool for you to turn to when you need something smart and simple. A tool like this allows for the easiest, most simplistic process possible – an easy way to learn more about domains before you buy them. If you intend on buying any domain that you have found for sale, finding out how long it has been alive for is very useful.

Not only is this good information to have, but it can – and should – play a role in deciding how long you can give the domain to start performing to the level that is expected.


Why does domain age matter?

The domain age is very important because you want to make sure that you know how long it has existed for. For example, if a domain was opened up in 2005 then, by 2021, it would be 16 years old. This is important because it can give you an idea of when it was started and, likely, how many iterations it has gone through in that time.

If a website was just bought in 2020, for example, it might not have the same volume of data and history behind it. This might make it more fertile ground for development, as a domain can become ‘stained’ by the previous mistakes made by an old webmaster. This might make the site more likely to have been blacklisted, or less likely to be able to rank high due to previous concerns over how it was being used.

Domain age matters as it allows for a website to have also build up a great reputation in a certain part of the web. As such, it might be easier to rank an older website that comes with a really specific history and background. Take that into account when it comes to determining the viability of any domain to be purchased.


Why should I use the bulk domain age checker?

You should use our bulk domain age checker because it is always useful to have every last screed of detail you can before making any purchase. As such, you should definitely look to pick up our tool and try it out if you want to reduce the time spent stressing and fretting. With a bulk domain age checker, you get to quickly find out what the domain is like when it was set-up, and some other key details about the lifespan of the domain so far.

Then, you can make a more useful choice regarding whether or not that domain would be the correct choice for you personally.

To use our checker, all that you need to do is drop in as many URLs as you would like to check at once as you can fit in. Then, hit the ‘Submit’ button and our tools will quickly get to work on developing a bulk domain series that looks just right.

A domain name is very important, but the age of that domain is just as vital. With many years of service and history, you have to know that it is up to scratch and you are not buying a URL that has already been blacklisted.