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About Change Text Case

When you are writing content, you might notice something half way through; you have messed up the casing. Case is so important, As Writing Text Like This Outside Of Clear Exceptions Can Look Quite Strange. REALISING YOU HAVE TYPED OUT THE ENTIRE PARAGRAPH IN UPPER CASE IS ALSO QUITE ANNOYING, RIGHT? bUt nOt As AnNoYiNg As WhEn YoU sOmEhOw MaKe MiStAkEs LiKe ThIs!

Naturally, noticing such errors in your content can be infuriating. Changing it can become a time consuming exercise, so why not speed up the process a little?

That is why we have developed a simple solution for you – use our quick editor above to change text case. This allows for a rapid and easy way to go through the entire set of text that you have and change the content to:

  • Sentence Case. The standard way that a sentence should be written. Like this!
  • Lower Case. this is when the text removes any use of capital letters even when needed.
  • Alternating Case. A mIxTuRe Of LoWeR aNd UpPeR cAsE cHaRaCtErS.

 This is a simple, easy way for you to quickly fix the text and get it corrected for any purpose that you might have in mind. No matter what the reason is, we will be more than happy to help you do this quickly. Instead of having to waste hours going through the text again and again, you can simply use this tool.


Why should I change text case?

While not everyone expects perfection from all content online, striving for the best editorial standard should just be the norm. This means that spotting errors in the case of text used should be something that you visibly try and look out for. If you do not spot these errors then it can make content look sloppy and lacking in formatting and editing quality. Who wants that?

That is why we highly recommend that you look to change text case as soon as you can. Instead of having to do this all on your own, though, you can simply make the changes that you need quickly and easily. Whether you have made some typos when writing or you want to see how a certain passage of text would look in a different way, you can now do so with a few simple presses of a button.


How do I use the change text case tool?

To use our tool above, all that you need to do Is take the text that you wish to edit. We recommend that you open the document, highlight all content by pressing CTRL+A, and then hitting the Copy (CTRL+C) on your keyboard. Paste (CTRL+V) the content into the text box above. You will be shown the text in full, complete with a word and character count.

Now you can quickly make the change that you wish to the whole text using the selections below. Choose the case you want to try out, and then click the button. Once done, hit the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ button and you can then paste the new, edited text into whatever document you wish.

Changing text case is great for those who might have noticed some mistakes within a text document and do not wish to go back and make changes individually. Instead, you could simply take every piece of text in the document and format it in the way that you would prefer. There are many reasons for doing this, but there are no reasons for having to do this manually.

Save yourself valuable time and hours today with the help of our tool to allow you to change text case quickly and easily without having to do anything other than click two buttons!