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About Class C Ip Checker

When you want to work with a website and evaluate it, you need to know everything about the website and its properties. To do this, you need to factor in as many reasons and as many issues as you can. For example, do you know the Class C IP of a domain? If not, you can use our Class C Ip Checker.

Too many Class C Ip’s when building links and it could look like a link network and you could be penalised by Google or other search engines for manipulating rankings. Extremely easy to use, you just need to put in the URLs of any domains that you wish to have checked out. Our system will then run the diagnosis for you and provide a simple on-screen answer. All that you need to do then is note down the two numbers given.

You will be given two forms of IP address here; your standard IP, and your Class C IP address. You should take a note of both of these on a regular basis, as it can play an important role in website development and in making the right choice.

Run our Class C Ip Checker, and you can quickly and easily find out the two IP addresses that you are going to need to make the right decision. So, what domains do you need to check?


What is an IP address?

An IP address is a very particular and unique code that is given to your website when it comes online. This means that while your IP address can change, it should remain static for as long as your website is actually online. An IP address is a numerical value that hides behind the domain name and URL. For example, our URL is

However, our IP address is a series of four different numbers that can be as long as three digits in length. For example, an IP address could be as high as A common example of an IP address, though, would be something like

This is an IP address that could in theory be connected to. However, it is important to note that IP addresses tend to come in different categories, today is known as a Class. If you are looking to find out what your Class C IP address is, then, you can use our system to do so quickly.

However, there are some big differences in what is an IP address and what is a Class C IP address - let's take a look.


What is a Class C IP address?

A Class C IP address will normally start with the first two number brackets listed as 1, and the third bracket will always be a 0. So, for example, a valid Class C IP address would be something in the region of It could also go as high as

This can be confusing, but the reason is that it will help to make sure that IP addresses essentially never run out. At the time of writing, there is something in the region of 2.1m networks that could be assigned to a Class C IP address. Class C addresses, though, tend to be commonly kept for a particular set of purposes.

Most small and medium-sized internet service providers are the owner of many Class C addresses. They then give out these Class C addresses to their own customers, selling space on the web and access to the internet for their users. However, among the fact that a Class C address can be much cheaper than an A or B Class variation, it also is not being used all the time.

As such, when your website is not active, it means that it can be passed on to another website. These are some of the most affordable IP addresses that you can get, and they are typically aimed at users and websites which are not being heavily used and visited. When they just need an on-demand IP address that can kick in for the times they are being used, meaning that anyone with a C Class address might simply be given a new IP address if the old model is currently in use.

As such, you should always look to find out what your Class C IP address is. This can ensure that you get the chance to not only find out if your website is right but if the IP address you have from a Class C dynamic range has been blacklisted. This could be down to the actions of another site that shares your IP address from time to time.

With our quick and easy to use Class C Ip Checker, though, you can find out this information for yourself quickly and easily. Try it out today, and you might just find it a bit easier to come up with a solution to your IP address issues. If nothing else, our tool allows for you to quickly find out what your address is so that you can then make a record of this for future reference.