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About CSS Minifier

When creating content for a website, it is common today that you will have a CSS file. This is extremely important when it comes to the function of your website. Without this, many aspects of the style and layout of the website will simply not work as intended, if at all. However, as any webmaster will know, keeping the size of a website down to a minimum is essential so that site speed is optimised which is a massive point for users and search engines alike. If you want as many people as possible to be able to log into your website, then it simply cannot be too large in size. With that in mind, you want to try and find what is known as a CSS Minifier. Thankfully for you, you are looking at one now!

This is our go-to CSS Minifier for anyone who is using our free SEO tools. These are extremely easy to use and makes it simple for you to get the file size down asap. If you are new to the concept of website design, then you might not be aware of just how useful it is to have lower file sizes. This minifier allows you to strip out the size without losing any of the function of your CSS file.


What is a CSS minifier?

This is a tool that we recommend webmasters and designers use when their CSS file has reached a large size. Over time, various stylistic changes and adjustments can bring a fair amount of change to the file size. It can leave a fair amount of bloat behind, ensuring that you have a lot of excess space being wasted. As such, you might wish to cut down on that file with a few simple changes.

To do that, you can use our CSS Minifier to do the job quickly and easily. This is a simple to use a process that allows you to strip down some of the bloat and the excess. Crucially, though, we make sure that you are not going to lose any kind of features or functions when our CSS Minifier does the job intended. This should allow you to quickly strip the file down, get it back to peak operation, and ensure that you are no longer going to have to worry about your CSS file becoming too large.

To get rid of the excess size is a very useful attribute and something that we highly recommend you do. Take a look at our CSS Minifier, then, today!


Do I need to use a CSS Minifier?

While there is no obligation to do so, we highly recommend that anyone use this tool on their CSS file if they notice slow website performance. This will help to clean out the file, and while it might not be the sole cause of your poor performance it could be a/the contributory factor. So, use this to help wipe out the file and ensure that the excess bloat that could be making it run slow is removed.

This can be great for making sure that a website is not going to start running poorly over time. Particularly if you have gone through many style changes in recent times, you might wish to make a new CSS file by cleaning it up. We always recommend, though, that you keep a backup of the old CSS file before you use our CSS Minifier. However, our new file should give you a much cleaner version that you can start using again.

We recommend that anyone who has been informed by a customer that their website is running slow should look to use this particular solution to their advantage.


How do I use the CSS Minifier?

To use our tool, all that you need to do is click on the options above to copy and paste the CSS code in. Simply go to your CSS file/page, highlight all of the text (press CTRL+A), and then copy the text. Paste it into the option that we have provided on-site, and then hit ‘Submit’ to be given a cleaner, faster, smoother version of the previous CSS file.

At the same time, you might also wish to just download your CSS file from your website and upload it. If you choose to do that, then hit the ‘Upload CSS Files’ option and you can then quickly upload the CSS file to our system. Our reader will quickly look it over for any details that it might need to evaluate and then remove any excess and bloat. We will then provide you with a fully adjusted and improved version of your original CSS file, making sure that it is in the best shape possible for future use.

For more help at all with making your website run better, take a look at our other free SEO tools including our CSS Minifier. Our tools are here to use as and when you might need.