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1 USA Dollars equals
82.46 Indian Rupees
1 USA Dollars = 82.46 Indian Rupees

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About Currency Converter

When you need to find out what a particular currency converts into, it can be hard to find an up-to-date conversion. That is why we make sure you get a good return on your investment of time, using our currency converter. Whether you are trying to strike a deal with someone in a foreign currency or you are trying to buy something online in this currency (or even price your own goods), our currency converter makes the process a whole lot simpler than it might appear just now.

Currency conversion relies upon either having an excellent memory for both exchange rates and calculations or using a precise tool. Our converter will use the most up-to-date figures that it can find and quickly update the conversion for you, providing you with the currency value of the two compared currencies. So, for example, 1USD is (at the time of writing) the equivalent of 6.48 Chinese Yuan Renminbi. This can make it easier for you to quickly work out how much something will cost, or how much it will pay, depending on the pricing in a foreign currency.

For a quick and simple way to find a currency, simply use our currency converter.


How do I use the currency converter?

To our conversion tool, all that you need to do is:

1. Select the currency that you currently have, and wish to find out its value, in the ‘Currency I Have’ tab.

2. Select the currency that you require, and wish to find outs its value, in the ‘Currency I Want’ tab.

3. Enter the amount that you wish to find out, for example, 100 would show you 100 of the ‘Currency I Have’ tab.

4. Then, check the Currency Value, and you will know how much the currency you have would be worth in the currency you want.

This simple, easy process should allow for a much quicker and reliable transaction than you might have been expecting. Use this to your advantage, and you can quickly and easily make sure that you can set up currency conversions to suit any need.

From making sure you pay a freelancer the right return in your own money to ensuring that you get a great return on an online purchase and/or sale, use our currency convertor today. For a quick and simple process that gets you good information with a simple calculation, use our above calculator and make the job so much simpler.