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About Diff Checker

Should you wish to edit any kind of content, it always pays to have a backup before you begin making changes. Especially in the realm of writing, it is easy to wish to go and make a change…only to realise that you wish you hadn’t. Instead of having to either live with the changes or keep some of the changes, you can create a backup. Simply copy the file and paste it into the same folder, and you will create a named backup. However, what if you then wish to compare the changes you have made with the original?

Before you had used our difference checker, you would have been required to sit and pile through every last page on your own. This is a time consuming, draining way to spend an afternoon. With that in mind, then, you might wish to simply highlight where you have made changes definitively. And with our difference checker, all that you need to do is upload the text document into our server. Then, hit the ‘Compare’ button to see the difference. Otherwise, you can paste the text into the respective boxes and then compare for anything that might not be identical.


What is a difference checker?

It is a simple tool that allows you to put two articles side-by-side and compare them. So long as they are supposed to be the same text (albeit with changes in one document), it should work perfectly. This comparison tool means that you can have our software quickly and easily check for any differences and then display them. You can then have a side-by-side look and determine which version you prefer. This can save having to look through each line for minor changes, as our difference checker can spot every change.

Even if you are simply looking to review a piece of written content, a tool like this can be essential. Our device allows for you to check over the content quickly and easily and find any particular changes. You might even wish to use this if you want to compare a written article with another. Are there too many similarities? Have you used the same tone over and over?

You might even be a young writer or author looking to see how many times you use the same old phrasing in your latest work of fiction. Whatever the reason, our difference checker is here to be used!


Why should I use the difference checker?

The main reason is to compare Version A versus Version B. Doing so with the distractions available with just two open text documents is not recommended. Using the difference checker, though, allows for you to quickly spot anything that is not identical among the two pieces. You can then quickly isolate any changes or note any similarities.

You might simply be dealing with an article that you want to change a paragraph and compare two versions. By the same token, you might be someone who believes that your content (or another piece of content) is identical to another section of writing. You can then quickly identify if this is the case, using the difference checker to quickly evaluate both articles and show any differences.

We recommend that you try out this tool if you wish to try and spot the best way to make a changed paragraph come off. You might look at what you already have and presume it is better simply by using a quick glance test. By using our difference checker, you can definitively look at both versions and decide which one you think is the better of the two!