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About Disavow File Generator

When it comes to managing your website, you have quite a lot of things to factor in regarding how your website ranks. Website ranking plays a big role in bringing you more calls and interest in your business. As such, you might wish to use every trick in the book to improve your ability to rank. You might even wish to just clean-up and 'discount' certain sites that link back to you. If you wish to do that, then you should look to use our Disavow File Generator. This file can then be submitted to Google and used to help remove your website from association with some particular places.

A Disavow file generator will create a well-formatted .txt file that contains a list of all of the root domains and individual URLs which have been taken from popular backlinking tools. This is useful for giving you a chance to quickly create a Disavow file that can then be submitted to the Google Disavow Tool. If you open that link, you can then drop in the .txt file into the Google Disavow Tool. This will then be submitted upon clicking so, ensuring that you can submit the .txt file generated for you on our website.


What is a disavow file?

A disavow file is a commonly used .txt file that is used by Google to find out more about links you do not want to count towards your website. As the name suggests, though, all of the links that are selected in the .txt file will then be ‘disavowed’ from your website. Basically, this .txt file allows you to tell Google that you do not associate with the websites that are linking to you. Since we cannot really dictate if someone links to our website or not, we need to just accept whatever happens, really; however, someone who has a bad reputation linking to your website is not a good look.

That is why you might wish to disavow your website of association. If you worry they might drag down your ranking, or has the chance to drag down your ranking, then you should do something about it. Create a .txt file with our Disavow file generator, and you can make sure that such problems and threats are scrubbed from your record with Google. This can help to get rid of a lot of bad-faith links that might actually be hurting your ranking as opposed to helping it grow.


What should a disavow file do?

This file is designed to give Google an idea that you take nothing to do with the websites listed that you are linking to. Many backlinking sites and the like exist which, while massive, might actually bring down your ranking quality over time. As such, creating a disavow file allows you to tell Google to ignore these links. Therefore, they should stop having an impact on your ability to rank as you would have wanted.

A good standard of disavow file will be one that looks to stop both root domains and smaller individual pages and subdomains associated with that same link. If possible, it should also include some kind of commentary that shows you tried to remove those links personally. Disavow should be the ‘last resort’ but it can be a good way to send a solid message to Google that you do not want to associate with those links.

We recommend that you submit a disavow file to Google if you notice your ranking dropping, you have generated low quality backlinks you do not wish to use, or you are seeing ‘negative SEO’ attacks on your website and business beginning to take their toll.