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About Email Privacy

When it comes to keeping ourselves safe online, we have many things to focus on and consider. Out of all the things that determine our ability to keep our privacy online, though, email privacy is a major part of the decision making process. If you are wondering just how secure an e-mail address actually is, though, you can run an e-mail privacy scanner through our service.

This easy to use tool will quickly and easily give you a rundown of the website that you check. Simply put the URL of the page that you wish to check into our email privacy tool, and it will scan the page. You will then be given a list of any e-mails on the webpage that has been listed. You can then use this information to push forward and either find the right contact detail or find out why someone is putting an e-mail on the internet that should be private.

Whether for finding an e-mail or using this tool to find out why an e-mail that should be secure has been exposed, use our tool to get a simple, easy solution to e-mail privacy management moving forward.


What is e-mail privacy?

The actual plan for this tool is to help you to work out whether or not an e-mail has been compromised or damaged in some way. When we are sending an email, we want to know that our e-mail is not compromised or risked at all. To find out, then, you just need to put the URL into our tool above and it will do the heavy work and the planning.

The privacy of an e-mail is very important, and you want to know if the e-mail has been accessed without authority or has otherwise been compromised in some way, shape, or form. This can make it easier for you to make sure that an e-mail address is not being accessed without permission, and to ensure that the e-mail is safe when it is being sent from server to server.

Simply test above and enter the URL that you wish to have checked for e-mail addresses. Our system will then run a quick and simple analysis, and feedback any of the details which you need to know. Then, you can make an informed decision about what to do next.


Keep your website safer with e-mail privacy

We recommend that you use our e-mail privacy tool as often as you can to make sure that you are not making your e-mail too public. Many people, for example, will put their website onto a page and have that as the details for a Contact Us style page. Instead, we recommend that you install a contact form and allow people to get the e-mail address for your company that way.

The easiest way to approach someone is to use their e-mail address, but it also opens you up to the risk of being a victim of spam, attacks on your security, and various other headaches that might cause you stress. If you would like to find a way to deal with that issue, then you need to use an e-mail privacy checker.

Simply enter the URL of the page that you wish to open up in our browser system and it will do the check-up for you. Then, you can make a choice about whether or not you need to do more to try and keep your website private in the future.

Never discount the importance of online privacy; with our e-mail privacy tool, you can make sure that your e-mail address is not being made needlessly visible.