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About Check GZIP compression

Behind the scenes on any website, there can be quite a lot of factors that need your consideration. For example, you might want to know how well your website is running for other people. A significant portion of how well a website works, though, comes from the server-side. How well a website is put together is very important to determine. That’s why we highly recommend that you look to check GZIP compression.

By checking out this compression status, you can add another layer of analysis to your website review. When evaluating anything to do with poor speeds, you should always look to try and work out the little things. With our tool above, you simply need to enter the URL of any website or webpage that you feel might have issues loading well. Then, we can swiftly check GZIP compression and ensure that any problems are soon cleared up.

This will allow servers to load faster and easier for web users in the future. You should test this on a regular basis as it helps you to know whether or not your website might have issues with load speed. The quicker you load, the more people you keep on your website!


What is GZIP Compression?

GZIP is the most common form of a standard used today for those who are uploading compressed content to a website hosting platform. If you are trying to upload files to the server of your website, then this easy to use tool is likely to be used in the background. It became the choice of developers and webmasters long ago and makes the process a whole lot quicker and easier for them. As such, browsers can easily work with compressed files before decompressing them for use by a website visitor.

So, as you can imagine, this allows a website to load much quicker. If you are looking for a website to load quickly, you would often try to use minimal media. But what about when you need media to prove your point or to sell something? Then you can use GZIP compression to try and speed up the process. This allows for large chunks of files that would normally take longer to open up on smaller connections to open up much easier.

Without using up huge amounts of bandwidth space, it allows for a much better level of performance from your website. As such, those who have files of any kind of size on their website would need GZIP compression.


What does GZIP compression do?

If you want to make sure that your website is loading as good as it can, then GZIP compression becomes another worthwhile place to analyse. It’s a very important part of the analysis when it comes to search engine optimisation and long-term website development. You need your website to beat the competition not only to keep the search engines convinced that your website is a high standard but to keep customers from bouncing elsewhere. Therefore, the ability to check GZIP compression can be very useful.

What, though, does this do? GZIP compression helps to lessen the bounce rate because it will help to improve the loading speed. The more compressed your website is, the better it can be for you. It will ensure that your website loads up in a timely manner and that customers aren’t waiting around too long to get access. Especially for those in e-commerce industries, having quick and prompt loading times is essential to minimal bounce rates, solid conversions, and consistent profits.

As such, you should always look to check GZIP compression and then work with your development team to find a solution to any lingering issues.


What should I do?

Start off by using our tool above to check GZIP compression. You can run the tool and simply hit ‘Submit’ on the URL you wish to check. Our tool then quickly analyses all of the compressed and uncompressed files. This is another useful tip that might help you to work out when files are not working as they should be. With that in mind, you might then wish to make a positive move and speak with your website development team.

You can then come up with a plan together to get your website back in full working order. The sooner that you can find solutions to issues with website loading times, the sooner you can avoid consistent bounce rates. Today, competition is so high that you often cannot rely upon having a ‘quick’ website; you need a rapid website!

As such, you should look to use every metric that you can to boost performance and reduce the risk of losing visitors. Therefore, use our tool above to check GZIP compression and see where you might have issues. While it might not be the cause of your issues, it is another metric to investigate and look into.