Image Optimizer

Add up to 10 multiple image files
(Size Limit: 2MB per file | Supported Formats: JPEG & PNG)


About Image Optimizer

When you have an image that you wish to change and improve, you need to do so without losing quality. Many people will simply save their image in a lower image format, but then be shocked at the poor quality output. Instead of having to choose from load-heavy but high-quality images or load-simple but low-quality images, find a compromise. Upload your image into our image optimiser, and it can quickly run through the whole process for you.

With our image optimising tool, you can upload up to ten images at once with a size limit of some 2MB. This should allow for most images that you have on-site to be uploaded, changed, and improved in a short space of time. The end result is going to be a high-quality image that is easily optimised and improved, but also comes with various supported formats including JPEG and PNG files.

In total, you are going to be working with something that minimises stress whilst maximising results. Instead of having to trying to find the right image and compromise on quality or speed, our image optimiser can find a happy medium that allows for quick loading of high-quality, crisp content.


What is an image optimiser?

This is a tool that we recommend to all designers and optimisers who are looking for a swift, simple way to change their website. By taking a look at each of the images that we provide, you should have no problem at all in optimising the image in a way that looks sublime. Change up the way the image looks today, and you can easily adjust and improve its loading speed.

Remember that if your website takes too long to load then customers will go to your competition regardless. They will not wait around for your website to simply load up. They expect it to load up quicker, and this can mean having to compromise on images. By using our image optimiser, though, you get the best mixture of fast loading speeds paired up with images that look great when viewed from afar.

So, give yourself the help that you need to start optimising images and making them fresher and simpler to load. This gives your website the double-boost of being faster to load up but also easier to view thanks to the high quality of the images on display.

Take this into account at any point when setting up images, and you can get all of the help and support that you need when creating your next website content collection. Do not let poor quality images drive customers away, nor should you allow poor loading speeds also.


Why do I need an image optimiser?

If you wish to optimise and improve an image, then you need to find a way to balance out the size. Naturally, the larger the size of an image and the higher the quality, the bigger the file shall become. And with most internet speeds today, you want to keep photos under the 2MB level. Otherwise, they can take too long to load and thus put people off using your website in the future. To avoid that issue, you want to get images that look good but also load up as quickly as you would have expected in the first place.

This will keep customers coming back, but it will also ensure that customers are impressed by the image quality. Many lower quality images show up poorly when on the website and can make your business look amateurish. We want to avoid that issue by giving you access to an image optimising solution that avoids having to make a choice between quality and consistency.

So take a look at what you can find on our optimiser today and change the image that you wish. Simply upload the images that you wish by hitting the ‘Choose File’ button, and then either add in another image for compression or simply hit the ‘Compress Files’ button. This will then run the images through or compressor, giving you back images with a still impressive visual standard without being too large to load for the average internet user, avoiding high bounce rates due to poor website performance.