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About Keyword Density Checker

When you are writing any kind of online content, one of the most worrisome issues comes down to keyword density. Writing means trying to keep content fresh, unique, yet easily misunderstood. Try to focus too much on the former issue, and your writing can sound cluttered and confusing. Focus too much on avoiding the latter, though, and your content can become repetitive. Repetition is one thing, but excessive use of the same words can lead to excessive keyword density. Want to find out more? Then use our keyword density checker.

All that you need to do is enter the URL that you wish to have scoped out by our keyword density checker. The tool will then give you a word-by-word breakdown of everything mentioned on the page. At the same time, it will also give you a word count, and also the percentage.

This is useful if you are trying to make a keyword more prominent, but it can be useful for reducing repetition. Use our tool just now, and you can easily find out how many words are being used across a single page on your website. Then, you know what – and where – to make your written adjustments.


What is keyword density?

The term ‘keyword density’ relates to how many times a specific word is used in a piece of content. For example, if you were to write a piece of content with 1,000 words and you used the same word 100 times, that would be a density of 10%. We probably don’t have to tell you that would be too much for one word!

Keyword density varies depending on the project, topic, and the word itself. Naturally, though, you want to use synonyms of a word to try and vary it up for search engine optimisation (SEO) purposes. We recommend that you try to use keywords on a more varied rate. For example, let us say that your keyword was ‘SEO tools’.

Now, you might want to try and use that keyword and related variants several times in your upcoming piece of text. And you would be right to do so. yet you want to try and find an SEO level that makes the wording feel natural. The easiest way to consider keyword density? Read it over, again and again.

Read your entire piece of content back, and figure out how many times the keyword is used. Think about even speaking the piece of content out loud. You will notice yourself if you are making the same phrase appear over and over again. While you might wish to focus on and hammer that point home, varying up your use of words can be a wise choice indeed.

Keyword density means using a word enough that it is obvious to the search engine what the text is about. The most commonly found words and terms are what a search engine crawler will take to be the most important wording, ergo the topic.

Therefore, density does matter!


Why should I use a keyword density checker?

Given what we mentioned above, you should now appreciate that keywords need to be a primary focus without being extensively used. The best test is to simply read and then narrate a piece of content out loud. You will notice yourself if you are ‘crowbarring’ that keyword in.

What can you do? You could still use that keyword, but perhaps use replacement synonyms and the like to make it sound fresher. The same even goes for descriptive terminology; our keyword density checker lets you see if you are using the same kind of adjectives too often. These are very useful tools that can help you to go through your content and reduce the density of certain words to improve flow.

You can then keep the topic similar in terms of its point whilst ensuring that the reader does not get bored. The more you can avoid going over old ground, especially in terms of wording and descriptions, the better. It can be hard to notice, though, without a tool actively pointing out where you might be going wrong.

With that in mind, you should use our keyword density checker to help you see the prolific usage of certain words. If you notice something appearing too often, you might wish to dial it back a touch. You might wish to use some replacements, or simply re-focus the phrasing of a certain piece of your content. While our keyword density checker cannot make the changes for you, it is a useful starting place for helping you to make the content sound more human.

And remember; today it is just as important for content to be readable, enjoyable, and actionable on behalf of the user as it is for content to be using keywords consistently. Moving forward, use our keyword density checker when you want to know exactly how often terms are being used, and adjust from there.