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About Keyword Position Checker

When running any kind of website, it is likely that you will be using keywords. Keywords are a vital part of creating online content, as it helps your content be understood by the search engines. As a key part of any search engine optimisation (SEO) push, associating your page with the right words drives relevance. At The Marketing Helpline, though, we know that it can be tough to know if your keyword choice is correct. Our Keyword Position Checker, though, can be just what you are looking to solve this quandary.

This simple tool allows for you to check the URL of a website and the keywords that it is trying to rank for. Then, simply choose the positions that our searcher will look to. This means that if you choose to search for the position of your website for a certain keyword up to the fiftieth position, you will appear if you are in the Top 50.

Simply put in the URL that you wish to check, and then include the keywords that you have built the website around. This will then give you a solid idea of whether or not the keywords are doing you justice or not. Then, you can decide to work with those keywords, change the keywords, or look for other support.


What are keywords?

Keywords are, as is mentioned above, the words in which you tell the search engine your website/page is associated with. So, the keywords must be relevant to the actual topic. For example, if you were writing an article about gardening tips, you would not want the keywords to be related to anything other than the topic.

The keywords would be based around gardening and gardening tips, perhaps with certain flowers mentioned. You might even wish to specify a location if the content is geographically specific.

Regardless, you will find that these keywords play a leading role in helping you to make changes to your search engine ranking placement. With the right choice of words, you do make it easier for the website to be seen, to be spotted, and to be enjoyed by the readers. And that is a big part of keyword choice; using the right words so that the people who do find your website are a relevant audience.

Keywords more or less actively relate to what someone will search. As such, you might use tools to help yourself find the right keywords to build content around. After doing this, though, you have to find out if you are being noticed for those keywords. For example, building around a hugely competitive and commonly used keyword would mean having to invest significantly to move up the rankings.

Instead, you might find a localisation and/or a synonym of that keyword might bring in the same kind of audience. It might also be more popular for your website, as it could be less competitive and thus more likely you can rise up the search engine ladder. Keywords, then, are essential.


Why do keyword positions matter?

The reason why your keyword position matters is quite simple; you need to be able to show that you are ranking high. You need to be ranking high because if you are not, you will not show up well for this keyword. This means that the competition are ahead of you on the search engine, meaning every viewer has to ignore every choice ahead of your website and select you instead.

Naturally, with every placement, you go down the odds of being chosen drop dramatically. This does mean that you have to ensure your content is relevant, and that you are positioned higher for the keywords you do try to rank for. Whether this means doing well organically on a keyword that is less competitive or using pay-per-click marketing to help boost your visibility for competitive keywords, is up to you.

Of course, you should always look to rank for a keyword that is within both your reach and your budget. Trying to compete with a globally competitive keyword for a small business that is locally specific might not be a wise use of your time. Using our keyword position checker tool, though, you can find out where you currently sit in the standings.

This is a very useful tool for ensuring you have a greater knowledge of where your page lies at present. Then, you can make a choice on either changing keywords or reinforcing your focus on a particular keyword.

We know that this can be confusing, and our analysis tool can serve as the first step to building a portfolio of answers about your present marketing performance. At The Marketing Helpline, though, we would be happy to help you try and make the right choices. Feel free to contact us if you would like more options about what you can do to select and rank for keywords.