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About Link Analyzer

Looking for an easy way to find out what links are coming to and from a certain page? Now you can. With our easy to use link analyser, you can find this information out in a moment. You simply need to put in the link that you wish to analyse, and our system will run the analysis for you. This then points out your links internal and external links, showing where your website is linking to both on your website and outside.

This can be extremely useful for numerous reasons. For those who want to find out this information now, though, you just need to use the analysis tool above. Put in the URL of the page you wish to check, and click ‘Submit’. This will then complete the link analysis, giving you a full breakdown of which pages make the link back to this particular page.

Link analysis can be an excellent tool to use if you want to quickly find if you have missed any internal links you intended to include on-page. It also lets you find out where your pages are linking to both within the website and beyond. Now, you can break down every hyperlink with a few simple clicks!


What is a link?

Put simply, a link is a clickable pathway to another website. If you were to make a reference of something in your content, such as a figure or a fact, you might wish to include a link to the reference. This means simply highlighting the text of the content and including a link. For example, you can find our free SEO tools by clicking on this highlighted link. That is what a link is; a simple, easy way to give a reader context to what you are relating to.

It could be anything from a link to a product or a promotion to something else that you think your audience might otherwise find useful. It could be a link internally on your website, or it could be a link sending the reader to another website. This can be useful for everything from affiliate marketing purposes to simply giving someone a reference to an authority website. If you were to mention a statistic, a historical fact, or even reference a point/topic in the news, you might wish to link to a reference for the person to look over.

This is what a link does for you, and they are very important for giving your content more depth. Including more links throughout the content not only reinforces the point of your piece, but it also strengthens the authority. So long as you are always providing a point of reference for where you found information, it is easier for a reader to both believe you and trust your word.

If you are trying to build more informative and authoritative content, you should definitely look to benefit from a link or two being used. Now, you can find out what links you have present.


Why should I use a link analyser?

The most important reason for analysing a link is to work out where your page links to on its own. A website page could have many hyperlinks spread across itself. This might cause issues down the line, as it means keeping track of all the links becomes challenging. With our link analyser, though, you should have no problem at all in keeping the links easier to track and follow.

Use our analysis tool and you can quickly and easily look through every section of the page to find links. Broken down into an easy to find list, you can find out what links are appearing both across your own website and to other websites. Now, you know where your website is taking its readers to, and it can be easier to work out what page(s) you wish to keep, remove, or adjust.

It can also be good for easily finding articles of reference that you have already included links to. This saves you having to go through the content, creating a manual list of each of the links going to outside websites. With our tool, you can do this with a few simple clicks of your mouse.

Our link analysis tool breaks down where the links are leading to, and also whether or not it has a dofollow or nofollow addition. This can be important to note from an administrative perspective, so make sure to use our link analysis tool if you wish to know what pages of your website is carrying a certain follow tag.

If you wish to quickly find out where a page is linking to, then, you can easily do so with this tool. We quickly break down the pages into an easy to look through column to save you time. Use this analysis tool to quickly have a list of links both internally and externally found on any page of your website.