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About Link Price Calculator

Buying links violates Google's Policy and we do not condone it. This tool is just for fun.

As the owner of a domain, you might wonder how much that domain could fetch on a market. However, finding out this information often relies upon estimations and guesswork. If you would like to have an idea of what you might get, though, you can get an approximation by using our Link Price Calculator.

This popular tool allows you to easily search out the link. Simply put in the URL that you wish to evaluate, and our system can quickly and easily run the analysis. Then, you will be given back an evaluation of the potential link price that your domain could fetch. This might also help you to work out, though, how much you will be expected to pay for a link.

Got your eye on a fancy URL that is already taken? Want to grab it for naming and/or SEO purposes? Then use our Link Price Calculator. This will give you a general idea of how much it might cost based on a whole host of factors.

Then, you can make sure that you get the kind of answer that will ensure you know exactly what you have chosen to invest in or sell.


What is a link price?

The link price is the general cost that you would be expected to pay for that domain. So, as you might imagine, the link of a major brand name could be worth a huge amount of money. However, a very generic and broad URL might be very cheap to buy. This is why you should use our Link Price Calculator, though; you can soon find bargains and avoid making expensive mistakes with some of the options available. Before you commit to buying any form of link, you should run our Link Price Calculator first.

This will give you a much greater idea of how much value you are getting back for your money relative to similar products on the market. This is a quick and simple price estimate that is provided to you through our website, helping you to know what you are expecting to pay for a website.

As a webmaster, though, understanding the link price is very important. This lets you know how much you should be charging per month for any given URL or text link included. However, many users will look to use our plan to help work out what the cost would be to work with another website.

For example, if you had a guest post that you think would be successful you might wish to promote it around other sites. You might even wish to get a direct link on that website to your own platform. To find out what you might be expected to pay, you can run our Link Price Calculator to find out a rough cost.

Then, you at least have a starting price in mind that you could take to the individual. This lets you know what you should expect to pay, or what might be deemed a good value return.


Why do I need a Link Price Calculator?

Value is everything in business and we want you to make sure that you never get ripped off for value. With our help, you can make sure that you either charge the right cost for a backlink or you get the best value when getting a backlink from elsewhere. Whether you are the buyer or the seller, our link price calculation tool helps you to work out if you are getting good value for money with that particular purchase.

Many website owners will find that getting a good price for their space, business, and content is important. However, this tool uses a simple pricing system to help you understand what you might be paying if you did choose to use a service. It might also give you a good idea of the true worth of your domain. Before you think about selling space, or even the full domain, be sure to run our Link Price Calculator!

This will give you a clear idea of what the price should be, and what you could be charging/asking for/paying. In the web business, it is always about finding the best deal that you can so that you always get the right value back for your money. Well, our tool makes extracting the maximum value out of yourself so much easier.

Come and take a look at our tool by simply placing the URL that you wish to get analysed. This could be a blog you wish to partner with, or an advertising system that you are keen on working with, or anything else that comes to mind.

With that in place, we highly recommend that you take a look at our Link Price Calculator today. For a simpler and easier experience, use this tool and start getting the best value you can when buying or selling.