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About Meta Tag Generator

When creating content for a website or a blog, one of the most likely issues that you could run into revolves around tagging. Tagging is a big part of making sure content is picked up by the right audience, and at the right time. Yet coming up with the right meta tags to explain your website can be a pretty significant challenge. With our meta tag generator, though, you can make the process a little simpler.

All that you need to do is enter the URL of a website that you wish to develop meaningful meta tags for. Once you do that, provide a short description of the website (maximum of 320 characters), and up to three keywords associated with the page. Then, answer if you wish for search engine crawlers/robots to index your website and follow the links. (Not sure about any of this? Drop us a message!).

Choose the content that your site will display, the primary language of your website, and also some option additions such as authorship and tag revisiting from search engines. Pit all of this together, hit ‘Generate MetaTags and let the system create the tags for you in a short moment.


What are meta tags?

So, the concept of meta tags can be quite confusing to some people if they are unsure about certain aspects of the material. Meta tags, though, are a very important part of any kind of online marketing. They play a crucial role in helping the reader to decipher if the link they are about to click on is actually worth their time. In essence, then, meta tags help you to work out if you are wasting your time or not!

For that reason, then, meta tags are a big part of creating quality online content today. If you have found our meta tag generator, then it actually shows the power of the very tags you will generate. These foundational aspects of search engine optimisation play a crucial role in helping a website rank properly for the terms that it should. Meta tags are very important, though some underestimate how useful they truly are. With the right meta tags, your content could just become that bit more popular.

That is why you should definitely look to try and find the right meta tags. For search engines especially, they play a critical role in helping your content find its niche. Instead of your content being mistakenly shared with an audience that has no interest, you can use meta tags to help funnel people who are interested right to your content. That can be hugely successful for you and can deliver positive results for sure.

Indeed, if you want to get your online marketing correct then you really do need to factor in every little addition. Your competition is likely using every trick in the book – including meta tags – to get ahead. If you aren’t doing the same, you are making life easier for your competition. NOT recommended!


Why do I need meta tags?

Meta tags are needed because it helps the search engine to work out who you are trying to talk to. The wrong tags could see your website ignored by the audience it craves, whilst being pushed towards people who have no interest in what you have to offer. As such, you might wish to think of meta tags as small but very essential parts of your marketing game overall.

We recommend that you try to use meta tags as much as you can. The tags provide the right kind of context for the audience, so it makes the search engine find it easier to know where to slot your content in. Over time, as it brings more readers that actually stick around, the search engines will know that they were spot on with the relevance they had decided upon for your website.

The result is that you will see more users come to use your website who actually intended to find your kind of content. This improves how the search engines see your website, improves your search engine ranking over time and plays a small but important role in helping to define your website to the masses. Over time, then, your website will find its niche purely because the meta tags line-up with the right kind of person sticking around.

And that is the key here. With the right meta tags, your content is shown to people who need to find out what you offer. So, when people find and use your website, they stick around and maybe use other pages, create an account and/or buy something. And to a search engine, any kind of prolonged interaction on your website after clicking through is a good thing; thus proving the meta tags do their job!

So, now it is hopefully clear to you that meta tags do matter. Now you might be wondering if the tags you are using are good enough. If that is the case, you might want to try running our meta tag generator and see what it comes out with. You might find the results to be more impressive than you would have hoped.