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About Mobile Friendly Test

Should you wish to know how your website runs on a mobile device, simply opening it up on your own device is not enough. Just as not everyone uses the same size of TV/monitor as you, not everyone uses the same size of mobile device. A website that struggles to display on a small smartphone might load just fine on a tablet, for example. With this in mind, you might wish to do yourself a favour and run a mobile friendly test.

These tests are very useful because they can quickly tell you if your website runs well on a mobile device or not. If you worry that your page might not be working right, or it might have design flaws, you can find out with our tool above. Simply enter in the domain name that you wish to have checked out and click ‘Submit’.

Once you do this, our page will then come back with some useful insights and information about the quality of your website and how well it operates. This is very useful for making sure you can better manage your website and ensure that it works properly when it’s on a mobile device.


What is mobile friendliness?

In short, this is how well (or poor) a website is running on a mobile device. Look at a website on your PC and then look at it on your phone/tablet, and the results can be like chalk and cheese. If you notice a significant climbdown in the quality of your website, then you might need to work on improving how mobile friendly your website is. The actual process, though, means making sure that your website can load clearly, can be used correctly, and can be utilised safely by its audience.

Mobile friendly websites are a huge boon in the modern world, thanks in part to the fact that so many people use mobile devices now. If you browse the internet, you are actually more likely today to do so via a mobile device. For that reason, many people will look to use mobile friendliness as a big part of their website development.

And given how important it is for a website to be responsive and friendly on a mobile device to SEO, and you should not ignore this. To find out what the issue is, though, you can run a mobile friendly test right away.


Why do I need to use a mobile friendly test?

Because unless you own every handset and tablet in the world, you cannot say for 100% certain that your pages are loading OK on a mobile device. With that in mind, we highly recommend that you run our test. This will give you some very useful insight into the quality of your website, and how well it is running ion most devices. The ‘friendship test’ is very useful as it gives you a new metric to base your analysis on.

The site will be checked for things like loading times, ease of use, access to features, and visual problems. If you are using a website with an extensive layout and theme, it might become nigh-impossible to browse on a mobile device. As such, many people look to install a responsive side to their website; a less grandiose, easier to use mobile platform that is very easy for you to use.

We recommend that you look to use our mobile friendly test to find out ahead of time if any issues with your website exist. The longer you leave the problems to longer, the more customers you could be missing out on.


Make your website for everyone with a mobile friendly test

Simply run our test, then, and you can find out what might be holding your website back on a mobile device. This offers a simple, easy, friendly level of insight that you could then use to make wise choices about the future of your website.

If you find your website hard to wok with on a mobile device, then you need to find out why. Our mobile friendly test, though, will give you some startling insights that might help you to get around the problem quickly and easily.

For that reason, we highly recommend that you look to use our test today and see what the score is. If your score is high, then congratulations!

If you have a low score, though, it is never too late to make positive changes and get your system working properly. For that reason, you should take a test for a quick and detailed analysis of any of the issues you might be having.

Use this, and you will know better than ever how well managed your website is on devices that you do not currently use. Power up our test today, and you should know exactly what you are getting from your website across numerous devise and platforms. The sooner you find this out, the sooner you can make the right calls!