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When using the web for any particular purpose, you might wish to find out certain answers to specific questions. How example, if you ever need to find out what your IP address is, you can do so with ease today. Using our simple tool, you can work out what the Ip address of your current device. This is extremely useful for various purposes, each of which could be important for informational purposes.

Finding out your IP address can also be useful for security and networking purposes. It can be a useful way to further understand certain analytical insights about a page, too. With this in mind, we recommend that you take a look at our IP address tool above.

To use this tool, you simply need to click on the link, and you will be given your IP address. Our tool will also show you some other important information about you, including:

· The city that you are based within.

· The region that you are based in.

· The country that your IP address is based in.

· Your ‘Country Code’.

· The Internet Service Provider for your IP address.

· The latitude and longitude of your current IP address location.

Our IP address tool is easy to use and providing you with the information that you need without having to do anything else!


What is an IP address?

The web can be a confusing place, especially if you are not particularly fluent with technology. However, your IP address is otherwise known as your Internet Protocol address. An IP address is given its own unique IP address when connecting to the internet. Think of as akin to a home address, if you will; it’s the identifier for your presence on the internet.

Every device that you use that goes on the internet, and has internet capability, will have an IP address. Your IP address will vary from device to device, even if you are all based and connected to the same network. Your devices are going to have its own specific identifier, meaning that every single device using the web could be identified by their IP address.

At the moment, you get two forms of IP address. This is known as IPv4 and IPv6. The most modern version, as you might imagine, is IPv6. This is an improved version of v4, using 128-bit addresses as opposed to the 32-bit addresses used by IPv4. The simple reason for the adjustment is to make sure that as device numbers soar we aren’t going to run out of slots for devices.

With every device having its own unique identifier, there has to be enough uniquely designed numbers for each device. While it might have been some time before IPv4 ran out, IPv6 future-proofs us from running out of space in terms of devices anytime soon.


Why do I have an IP address?

You have an IP address as the web needs to have some way of identifying where you are geographically. Of course, this isn’t like a pinpoint direction into your exact home. It is more of a rough, general approximation of where you are based. For example, if you were in a city like Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Cardiff, or Belfast, you likely wouldn’t be given an exact street name. If you are, it is unlikely to be 100% accurate.

Unlike the Location tool on most smart devices today, you cannot use an IP address to find out where someone is to a precise level. Your location is not given, but a more generalised area in the first place. While with enough effort someone could use your IP address to get close to or exactly find your location, the skills needed for this is out of the reach of the vast majority of internet users.

With that in mind, the main reason you need an IP address is for easily pinpointing where a connection is coming from. In fact, IP addresses play a role in marketing today, too.


Why does my IP address matter for marketing?

Your geography defines what you get offered in terms of marketing material today. If you re based in Leeds, you aren’t going to be seeing adverts for something on sale in Lossiemouth, or further afield. Your IP address gives companies a chance to semi-identify you and what kind of information is going to be relevant to you.

For that reason, an IP address is very important to know. It can be used for various reasons, but it will more or less always be used to help work out roughly where someone is. This means that knowing your IP address can help you in many ways. At the very least, it can give you an idea of how to better manage marketing preferences and decisions for years to come.