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About Network Speed Tester

Having a fast and reliable internet connection is one of the most important tools you can have when working online. The ability to quickly upload and download files, as well as browse the web and the like, is essential. Whether you are a freelancer, a business owner, a support technician, or anything else involving regular use of the internet, you need fast, strong internet. You might even be a blogger, a vlogger, a gamer, or anything else you deem. Whatever you do, you want to have faster internet!

And if you are paying for good internet service, you want to know you are getting the best performance. This means that you should use our network speed tester. The reason is simple – this gives you a quick calculation of how your internet is running. It will break down your download and upload speeds, making sure you have another layer of evidence to put to your internet service provider if the performance has dropped.

Like any other diagnostic, though, be sure to look for a second opinion. Use our network speed tester, though, if you wish to provide evidence of a slower-than-expected internet connection should you encounter the issue.


What is network speed?

Put simply, it is how fast your internet speed is capable of providing. You will be given two speeds:

1. A Download speed, which is how quickly your internet/network can take files from the web.

2. An Upload speed, which determines the speed at which your internet/network can upload files.

For both purposes, you to see a strong rate. If you are a webmaster, then you could be uploading and downloading files in the gigabytes per day. As such, you want to get efficient and reliable download speeds. With a network speed test, you can quickly and easily get this checked out and detailed for you.

No longer do you need to second-guess if your internet is acting up or not. You should check the contract you have signed, and what the agreed-upon network speed is. Then, run our network speed tester and see if the amount being provided is in line with your agreement. If not, we recommend contacting your ISP and seeing what can be done about the problem.

It might be a temporary issue in the area, or it could be a genuine problem that has to be solved. Either way, you might wish to take a look using our network speed tester.


Does network speed affect my website visitors?

No, this is only your own website speed. However, this is another important reason to run our network speed tester. If you try to visit your own website and you find it is running increasingly slow, then you might wish to run a test. You can then determine if the issue is down to your website or your connection. Try other websites, too, and see what the connection quality is like.

Again, compare your network speed with the agreed contract. If the problem persists for anything more than an hour, we recommend contacting your customer support for your ISP. They can tell you if the problem is an area-wide issue, a temporary issue, or a fault that needs investigation. The sooner you find out, though, the better.

Do not allow a slow internet speed to make you think your website is broken. Keep in mind, too, that not everyone has super-fast internet. If your internet exceeds, say, 100mbps, you might wish to consider that you are in the higher tier of internet users in many countries. Therefore, you should probably consider that your internet speed could probably still handle a slow-loading website to a better extent than the average.

Therefore, don’t allow a network speed test to give you proof that your website is fine. If others are reporting slow loading times, we still recommend making solving that an immediate priority.