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About Online Ping Website Tool

Got problems with your website? Then you might find that the issue lies on the server-side. Sometimes, though, there is nothing you can do about the issues with your website not being available. It could simply be a problem with the host of your website. Or, it could be down to an issue regarding your website and how it is set-up. One way to try and determine where to begin looking for issues, though, would be with our online ping website tool.

Your connectivity is easy to work out if you use our online ping tool. To do this, all that you need to do is:

1. Enter the URL of your website (Example: www.yourwebsitegoeshere.end).

2. Enter the name of your website as it is written in the meta.

3. Include the RSS feed URL for website if you have this figure.

Enter all three of these points into our online ping tool and it will see if you can ping the website safely. This is a simple, easy to use tool that allows you to quickly gauge some of the potential issues that might be holding your website back from performing either to its best or at all.


Why do I need to use an online ping tool?

There are several reasons why you might wish to go ahead and do this. One of the main reasons, though, is to simply let the search engines know that you have new content that needs to be visited. For example, if you are running a website you might have added new content to a particular page.

With our online ping website tool, you could quickly and easily inform the crawlers that you have new content to be checked out. Please note, though, that you should try and leave a period of weeks between crawling, so try to avoid using an online ping tool too much.

The main reason to do this is to try and make sure that all of the pages you wish to have on your website are indexed. This is an important part of making sure your website is ranking at its peak, and that every page is recognised. After all, if you have your number one product on an unindexed page, it means that it will be much harder for people to find!

Indexing, though, can take a matter of weeks to wait for it to happen. That is why if you are regularly adding in new content to your website, you need to make sure that the content is being found. By using the ping system, you make it clear that you have content to be indexed and analysed.

Since the search engine crawlers love new data, they will look to try and index your new content as soon as it can. This is very useful for making sure you can get the webpage properly indexed and ready to be viewed by as many people as you might possibly need to see it.


Using an online ping website tool

Before doing anything else, though, please make sure that you use our online ping tool for the right reasons. For example, if you have made a considerably large change to your website then it makes sense to ping. However, making a tiny change in typography or a minuscule coding adjustment might to warrant pinging too often.

While our online ping tool is very useful, it is not something you should try and use on an excessive basis. Only look to re-index your website once you know the change are right and are going to stay in place for the medium-term.

Once you add new content, such as a new product or service, you should have your website pinged to try and pick up that new page. However, you should always try to avoid making too many pings per week for small-scale adjustments. The more you can get used to pinging when content is in place and ready, the better the results are going to be in the long-term.

If you do wish to use our online ping tool, though, you are free to do so. You can contact a member of our team if you need any help in gauging the results, however. You might also wish to look closely at each page to make sure you are not indexing (or reindexing) any pages ahead of time.

Make sure everything is in place before you commit to using our online ping system. This makes sure that the search engine crawlers will come to index a page that was not complete or is not yet ready to be seen by the public.

Need a hand? Let our team know, and we can help you with any aspect of the online ping system that you might need.