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About Open Graph Checker

If you wish to check the tags that you are using on Open Graph, then you might wish to use our quick and simple Open Graph checker. This tool has become a useful way for you to see the tags that are being used for your website, and how accurate they are to what you talk about and offer. This allows you to see which tags are implemented so that you can then adjust them if needed using our Open Graph generator. This is very useful, and can make a very important part of your visibility long-term.

To make the right changes, then, simply enter the URL into our Open Graph checker and click ‘Submit. Once you do this, you will be able to get the submission of your current Open Graph status. You can then use that information with the rest of your web development team and make any adjustments needed down the line. With the help of our simple, easy to use Open Graph checker, you can make quick and easy work of an otherwise challenging situation.

So, if you want to make it easier to check and manage tags, take a look at our Open Graph checker.


What is Open Graph?

Open Graph is a Facebook developed technology that they introduced in 2010. It promotes an easier way for other websites to interact together, and to improve the way that other websites and Facebook interact with one another. It is through the use of tags that this process has been made easier. By using tags that allow for easier identification of what a website is actually about, Facebook can more readily understand its purpose for marketing.

This allows you to turn your website into a “graph” object that has the same functions as other key Facebook objects. You can then use that information and adjust it to ensure that Facebook is receiving metrics which are accurate for your website. You can essentially use the adjustment that Open Graph tagging allows to ensure that only the right kind of traffic is picking you up. It can have a massive impact on the kind of people who will choose to visit your website.

This is why you should look to use our Open Graph checker; you might find that the options set are not satisfactory. For that reason, you should absolutely look to utilise the power that these meta tags provide you with. It can boost visibility, increase traffic, and reduce bounce rates by attracting more accurate traffic.


Does Open Graph impact SEO?

Indirectly. Open Graph works on improving your SEO because it makes you more relative on Facebook. It ensures that you are seen by more eyes who will be intrigued by what you have to say and have to offer. They will be intrigued by what you are looking to provide because your Facebook tags will ensure people who are interested in you are finding your platform. Then, they will visit your Facebook profile and your website, hopefully becoming a customer. Over time, that is sure to help improve your SEO.

For one, it will boost your Facebook visibility and popularity which can only be a good thing for your website. It will also boost the number of visitors you get and hopefully reduce bounce rates. This can all contribute to a higher website ranking in the years to come. OG tags will not impact on-page SEO, no, but they will play a role in making you more visible on social media.

And when you perform well on social media, you will perform well everywhere!