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About Page Authority Checker

When you run any kind of website, it will be made up of a whole host of different webpages. Each page, while part of the larger project, will have its own input and its own purpose. This means that not every page on a website is going to perform the same function or perform to the same standard, as another page. When you wish to know more about your pages, though, you can use our page authority checker.

This is a high-quality solution that should give you all of the help that you need to find out how well a page is being ranked. While page authority is not an ‘official’ metric used by search engines, the information that makes up your page authority rating is going to be vital to your ranking. So, if you notice that your authority ranking is poor then you might wish to take some action in a bid to solve the issue.

If you want to improve your page authority, then you need to take various measures. The first step, though, is to work out where your website would sit. And to do that, you can use our page authority checker.


What is page authority?

Page authority (PA) is a crucial metric that was developed by search engine ranking experts Moz. Like many other online metrics, it has become a major part of the analysis of a website performance by webmasters. Those who want to make their website better needs not only a good overall domain authority (DA) ranking but also a solid page authority ranking.

The authority system gives the recipient of the report a good idea of how well/poor their website might perform in terms of authority. You are given a score from 1 to 100 from our system, and this will give you a clear idea of how well your website is interacting with your audience. Naturally, a score of 1 is deemed the lowest, while a score of 100 is deemed to be the highest.

That’s why if you wish to try and improve your website you should run it through our page authority checker. This is a simple and important metric that gives you a good idea of how your website is being seen and used by your audience. Page authority factors in various pieces of data and analysis, giving you a score you can work to improve.


Does page authority matter?

Many hear that page authority is not an official metric and therefore pay little attention to what it actually means. Not only would we caution against that kind of thinking, but we also think that you should focus on page authority closely. This can be a very useful and simple metric for making sure you can quickly and easily work out how well each page is performing on any given website.

Page authority is a metric that is made up by using various data factors. It uses a machine learning system to try and understand how well your page is working. It looks at various search engine ranking placement metrics and then comes up with an overall scoring using the information which was fed back to the user.

That is why we highly recommend that you focus on page authority. Despite not being an official metric, it groups together enough important attributes and statistics. This means that the information that you receive in the end is a much more rounded, satisfying report on how your pages are doing. It is then up to you to make a decision on what you do with this information.


Why can’t I improve my page authority?

When you use the page authority checker above, you will be given a score back quickly. You might find that the lower you are, the easier it is to rise up the ranks. For example, you might wonder why you cannot move up the page authority rankings quickly once you reach around the 60-70 rating. This is because the bar for pages above that rating is naturally higher, meaning you need to do even more work and effort to get your website and webpage moving up the rankings.

This is very important to note, as many can make big jumps from smaller numbers like a page authority rating of 20. However, making the next step can be a challenge that you might struggle to deal with. As such, you might want to focus on page authority and try to work on and improve it as best you can.

Page authority is calculated in various ways, but it will give you a score that allows for you to an idea of where your website is today. Then, you can work with your website development and support team to create solutions that produce better rankings in the future.