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About Pagespeed Insights Checker

Website management is a conscious effort, something that can require a huge amount of work and determination. However, there are some useful tools that you can use here at The Marketing Helpline to make your website easier to use and simpler to understand. With so many little insights and factors to take into account, you can soon find yourself confused and stressed. If you want to help understand your website better, you might wish to use our Pagespeed Insights checker.

This tool allows you to quickly check how fast a webpage is operating. Simply enter the URL that you need to check and hit the ‘Submit’ button. Our website will then check it over and see how it runs, giving you valuable feedback that you can then take to your web development team. They can then take a look to see what can be done to make sure that your website loads properly in the future. With our help, then, you can quickly understand the website speed that you are producing.

While we cannot tell you much else from here, you can then take the speed test again and again as you make changes to work out what might be impacting on your website.


What is a Pagespeed Insights checker?

This is a tool that we highly recommend that any webmaster uses. This tool will quickly and thoroughly check your website for issues that might exist on the pages themselves. The tool finds out how fast a website is going to load. This is a very important thing to know because the loading speed of a webpage will determine how long someone has to wait to access. Any more than a few seconds, and with modern internet, most people will hit the ‘Back’ button instead of waiting!

So, you need to do all that you can to get the page speed as consistent as possible. Simply run our Pagespeed Insights checker and you will be given a clear example of how the page actually runs. The score provided will then give you an idea of where you might need to make some changes.

For example, your page might have too much media for a conventional internet connection to load. You might even find that your hosting is not good enough. Whatever the reason is, though, our Pagespeed Insights checker will help to point you in the right direction.


Why does website speed matter?

Unless you want to start haemorrhaging visitors, you need a website that runs smoothly and quickly. This means that you should look to get a website that has a good, solid, consistent speed. While you cannot do anything about a website that loads poorly on an individually poor connection, this should be an issue the minority face. With the modern quality of the internet, there really is no reasonable excuse for having slow website speeds.

This means that many people give a webpage an average maximum of five seconds before they will look to an alternative link. By using the Pagespeed Insights checker, you can quickly find out if the issue stems from excessive media, poor hosting, or any other reason that might have hobbled your ability to get connected. For people with extremely fast internet connections, even the slowest of websites should load with a click of the fingers.

However, for those with average or normal internet, it could be a process of waiting just too long. The same goes for people on mobile devices or who are using Wi-Fi. With that in mind, then, you can understand why page speed matters!


How can I improve page speed?

To get a better Pagespeed Insights rank, you need to make numerous changes to your website. You might need to factor in issues like your images are too large for the average connection to work with. When that happens to be the case, you should look to improve page speed by finding lesser quality editions of the imagery. You might even wish to just push forward with something that can improve page speed such as making the overall coding of your website a little bit easier to work with.

Whatever the problem you happen to face, though, you can improve page speed easily and quickly with a few simple adjustments. We highly recommend that you look to do this as soon as you can, as a quick but effective change to page speed could be essential to making your business better. While the Pagespeed Insights checker does not give you a full list of the issues, it does give you a solid score that you can work to improve.

Pair up with a website developer and you can soon find out why a website might not be loaded to the standard that most would expect, making it easier to find a solution to what might have been an awkward problem.