Password Encryption Utility


About Password Encryption Utility

Security is everything when using the internet, and this definitely includes protecting your passwords. If you find it tough to come up with ways to know that your password is secure, you might to use our password encryption utility. This can be extremely useful if you happen to use different passwords for your websites and other platforms (you should). If you want to have that extra layer of protection, then use our password encryption utility.

Simply enter the password above into the box and you can run it through the encryption system by clicking ‘Encrypt’. This offers an extra layer of protection around the password, making it that touch more difficult for anyone to get into your website and use it. This is effective for you to have your password encrypted, helping to avoid any mishaps and keeping your access even more secure. Unfortunately, the more people that come to use your website, the more likely it is that someone with malicious intent will try and get access.

If your password isn’t encrypted, it’s even easier for them to get the password and get logged in. Use our encryption tool above, and you can quickly make sure that you have taken that next step towards securing yourself.


How do I use the password encryption utility?

If you wish to use our tool, then you can do so by simply entering the password into the above box. This password is then provided to you in three forms of encryption; sha1, Md5, and Standard DES. These all provide you with a particular form of encrypted code that would be much harder to break down and decrypt for someone else. You can then use this to log in instead, and this provides a safer, more secure version of the same password that you would normally use.

So long as you use something strong to store passwords, this can make logging in quicker and easier. However, tools like our password encryption utility will never store your data. When you enter in the given password, it is not stored on our servers. Therefore, you can enter in the true password and then get the encrypted equivalent. You can then use this in any way that you wish; you might even wish to change your password to this version. It will be that much harder for someone else to work out, ensuring that logging in becomes that touch more laborious for anyone trying to gain access without permission.


Why should I use the password encryption utility?

You always want to be extra-secure today, with the ease in which people can gain access to our platforms. Sadly, the web has brought out both the best and the worst in a lot of people. That means that while there is great potential, there is also the potential for danger. Keeping that in mind is vital to the purpose of using the password encryption utility; it allows you to know that you have taken the next steps for protection. By having a strong password and encrypting it, you make it that much harder for people to gain access.

Simply use our password tool to help turn your normal password into a much harder to decipher version. Such small steps can bring you large gains, giving you an extra layer of security protection that can make your day-to-day that little bit more secure.

Whether it’s extending the login for your website or for anything else, using our password encryption utility gives you a quick way to add another layer of protection. It will be the ideal way to help you know that you have taken the steps needed to stay safe at all times.


Can I decrypt a password with the password encryption utility?

No, you cannot. If you were to enter an encrypted password into our system and then ask it to generate, it would not provide you with a reverse-engineered equivalent. So, this is a one-way system that only provides you with the encrypted equivalent of a non-encrypted password. Therefore, if you wish to try and use this to decrypt a password, you will not be able to do so.

Therefore, you should always look to take a secure, safe, preferably also encrypted copy of any password(s) that you are using. The more secure you can be, the better. The more diverse your passwords are, the more effective it will be in providing you with long-term security.