Password Strength Checker

About Password Strength Checker

Trying to come up with the easiest way possible to check the strength of a password? Then you should look to use our password strength checker. This easy to use platform has been one of our most commonly used security tools, giving users the chance to quickly and easily check out how good a password is. The strength of a password is a very important metric to check out. While your password might seem water-tight to you, finding out how secure it really is should be a priority.

That is why we offer a simple to use password strength checker. All that you need to do is enter in the password you use into our user box, and it will quickly and easily check the password for you. Before long, it will come up with a clear list of explanations for the password strength, giving you a simple rating that you can then use moving forward. If your password is rated highly enough, then great!

And if not? You can change it using our various password utilities online at The Marketing Helpline. Now, you can make it much easier to get your password strengths checked out and adjusted so that you 100% know what you are dealing with.


What is password strength?

Put simply, it is how unique and how challenging your password would be to break down. Many of us basic things like the name of our partner with their birthdate included. This might feel secure, but anyone who knows you could realistically guess that password. At the same time, you might also make it easy for anyone who does a bit of snooping on personal profiles to guess your password.

Even then, if your password is just a combination of real words and numbers then it is easier for someone to break through with a brute force attack. By using our password strength checker, you can see how likely it is that your password is going to be deemed a security risk otherwise.

It can be tough to get a password that is 100% secure, but we recommend that you look to make your password as confusing as possible. A combination of numbers, letters, and symbols can go a long way to making sure you get things moving forward as intended. On top of that, you will find that the password strength that you get back can be a useful metric for measuring your general security standards.


Why should I use the password strength checker?

The main reason is quite simple – you want to know how strong a password is. Security is everything in the workplace, which is why you should always look to make sure you are as secure as possible. By running our password strength checker, you get to quickly find out whether or not your passwords are secure enough. Again, security is everything; you should therefore be looking to take security very seriously. And part of that process involves evaluating password quality.

Passwords make a brilliant way to help us stay safe and to keep a unique access code to get us in and out of our accounts. However, that ‘secure’ password you might be using for everything might not be as secure as you think. Not only should you refrain from using the same passwords for every account, but you should look to make passwords as unique as possible. With the help of a modern password management tool, you could easily keep all of your passwords in one safe, secure place that you can easily access as needed.

Take a look today, then, and you can get all of the help that you need to make your access more secure and robust. A bit of adjustment on how you sign in with more secure passwords can really go a long way to giving you added peace of mind when signing in.


How do I use the password strength checker?

You simply need to enter the password that you wish to have checked, and then submit it using the button above. Our password checker will quickly run the password through our system and evaluate it closely, making sure that we fully understand how good the password is and what could be changed to make it even more secure. This can give you even more useful information and insight into the password and how secure it actually is.

So, all that you need to do is enter the password into our password strength checker and it will run the analysis and give you the feedback. And don’t worry; nothing you enter into our password strength checker is going to be saved. This is information that we cannot see; the checker runs the automated analysis, but we do not have any access to the credentials filled into the box.