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About Robots.txt Generator

If you are looking to include every little trick that you can to improve your ranking organically, you need to tick every box. This means including having a robots.txt file included as part of your website. If you don’t have such a tool, though, then you can take a look at our robots.txt generator. Easy to use and highly effective, this tool allows you to develop the robots.txt file that you might need for your website and block any pages from search engine crawlers that you might not want crawled and indexed.

It allows for you to set various factors, including crawl-delays. Crawl delays mean that your page will not be managed and indexed by the search engine crawlers right away. This can be useful for various reasons. You can also choose to make sure that you include it on all of the systems you wish, ranging from Ask and Baidu to GigaBlast, Naver, and Yahoo Blogs. This gives you more choice over where your robots.txt file will be chosen.

Also, should you wish to mask any directories on your website, you can choose to do so with the ‘Related Directories’ function included. Once ready, hit ‘Create Robots.txt’ or ‘Create and Save as Robots.txt’ button to use our robots.txt generator.


What is a robots.txt file?

While it might sound like something we are joking about, your robots.txt file is actually very important indeed. It is one of the most important files that you can have on your website directory for various reasons. For one, it plays a key role in telling the search engine crawlers/robots (sometimes known as spiders) how to interact with your website.

Because if your website is not set up in a generic and conventional way, your website could be incorrectly indexed. This might lead to innovative and quality content being ignored or even penalised by the search engines. With the right robots.txt, these issues will soon become a thing of the past. The simple reason the robots.txt file exists is that search engine systems do not know when to stop unless told.

With this .txt file, you essentially give the search engine systems a barrier that they are not allowed to go beyond. Because without such a barrier? The systems will just index your website entirely and this could be a negative. This means that you can use our robots.txt generator to tell which crawlers when they can begin indexing, and what directories they can and cannot index.

For those who are still developing a website or want to ensure all changes are finalised before being indexed, this is very useful indeed. We recommend that you look to use this to your advantage, as it can play a crucial role in making sure you continue to make progress in terms of your search engine ranking.

While the robots.txt file is not always essential to your correct indexing, it can make life easier for half-built or especially complex websites. While your developer can likely tell you if you need a robots.txt generated or not, it is always to have one regardless.


Why do I need to use a robots.txt generator?

You could write it on your own, but this is often best left to intermediates and experts in the industry. With the help of our robots.txt generator, you can quickly and easily pull up a simple, easy to build from robots.txt file. This can be easily adjusted to be set for specific bots, or to be used with global rules for all of the bots out there today. These little tricks can be just what you need to help make sure that certain parts of your website are left untouched, unindexed, and therefore uninterrupted by the search engines.

One of the main reasons why you need a robots.txt file, though, is due to the errors it can create. For example, if you lack a robots.txt file then all of your server logs will simply return a 404 error. This means that if a bot is trying to find your robots.txt file, it will log it as an error. Even if you wish to give no unique commands and wish for your website to be used by the bots, our robots.txt generator can make that happen quickly.

Our tool allows for a simple setup that can then be customised as you become more acclimatised with such tools. You can even set some more semi-advanced features such as crawl delays, meaning you can raise/reduce priority for crawling. That is a very simple way to help give you more time to finish editing, giving each bot the permission that it needs to look elsewhere beforehand.

We look to use our robots.txt generator to give you a clean, simple starting place for your robots.txt needs. Whether you need something generic or something as close-to-blank as possible, our system allows for a quick generation based on the key factors in our generator. You can then slowly but surely add to this as you learn techniques and systems that could be needed as your website develops.

For a simple and easy to use robots.txt, though, use our tool above.