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About Social Stats Checker

Running a social media campaign can be an exhausting experience. For anyone who is used to trying to get more hits to their websites and their platforms, you know how tough it can be. You might invest considerable time into trying to get more tweets, more Facebook interactions, and more Google+ ones. Whatever you are trying to do, though, you can make an arduous and headache-inducing task a little easier with our social stats checker.

Although social media platforms do give you comprehensive learning tools to use, you might not always get a simple answer. You might want to simply know how many tweets are about your website URL that you have made. You might also wish to know how many times it has been shared on Facebook, or how many shares it has.

You may even be interested in pushing the Google+ social media scene. Whatever you have chosen, though, our social stats checker will absolutely make it easier for you to get a flat breakdown of the tweets, Facebook interactions, and Google+ feedback.

Then, you can use this information in any way that you wish. It might encourage you to focus on one direction or focus on all directions in terms of social media output.


Why do social stats matter?

Today, social media is one of the most powerful marketing medium in the world. Why? Because for the first time we can actively give ‘the little person’ a voice that they can use whenever they wish. When your company operates an e-mail address or a phone line, people can complain all they like but only so many messages and/or calls can be taken per day. Therefore, it has little long-term impact.

The same goes for many forms of cold calling marketing or even face-to-face marketing at street level. Social media, though, allows people to go straight to companies and their most important employees and tell them exactly what they think. If they are ignored or lambasted in return, the ‘little person’ has the chance to use social media and the power of live people to create a very uncomfortable scenario.

As such, social stats matter because it is the one area in life where you can be sure that you are hearing from actual people. Whether they are present consumers or potential consumers, they are people who want to tell you something about your business. If they are not appearing on your website or they are ignoring your social media presence, then it shows you need to do more.

Often, though, our social stats checker lets you see that you are not getting enough interactions. It is then your choice to look closer at the interactions you do make and determine if they are the right choice or not. Could you do more? Or less? Are you investing too much for little return? Or are your stats worth the investment?

With our social stats checker, you can get a quick breakdown of these most essential stats in black and white.


Turn your social presence around

One of the biggest challenges for any business is to keep its social media presence strong and consistent. If you struggle to do this, then you might find that numbers fall away. By using our social stats checker, you can find if certain pages are getting more traction than others. Perhaps an emotive blog post is pulling more than a highly invested-in sales page?

Whatever the reasons, you might be able to use our analysis from the social stats checker to your advantage. It might help you to see pages and products that might be undervalued by you at present. At the same time, it might help you to see in the cold numbers where you might be over or under-investing in the social media scene. The best thing that your company can do is look closely at the figures that come from social media. Without a strong social response, it is very hard for your business to be able to successfully turn itself around and create consistent long-term success. With that in mind, we highly recommend that you look at using our social stats checker for a guiding hand.