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About Text to Binary

Computers operate using a language that humans would simply not understand. To us, it works on a series of 1s and 0s, looking like a vastly unique and varied combination of ‘10101010101010’. This is what a computer is ‘reading’ on the screen, in one way or another, when reading any text that you have put into the computer. Therefore, if you ever wish or need to convert text to binary for any reason, you can do so using our editor above. Simply take the text that you would like to convert, and then paste that it into the text box above.

If you do that, then you will be quickly given results of the text transformed into pure binary code. This can be very useful for a host of reasons, but it can mostly make your life a little easier. Should you need to have binary code for any particular purpose, you should absolutely look to use our text to binary solution. It is a quick, swift, simple way to make sure that you can make the conversion something that takes minutes as opposed to the hours that it would take you to ‘translate’ the text yourself.


What is binary?

As noted above, binary is the language of a computer and it is how the computer understands what you are asking it to do. You see, a computer can’t exactly understand a written command in the same way that you or anyone else. It is actually to do with the translation of binary code that represents and translates whatever appears on the screen.

In short, it is a list of instructions for the computer to interpret and then turn into something that you can actually use. This is all very important to the way that computers work in the modern world, and should play a key role in how you understand computing itself. However, you might wish to turn a piece of text into pure binary code for any reason. To do so, you can start to do so with our text to binary solution above. Simply input the text into the box, and our text to binary editor will quickly produce the results for you.

If you ever have to turn your text into a combination of 1s and 0s, this is the way that you can do so iin a way that only takes moments.


Save yourself hours of editing

If you were to sit and edit every part of a written document and turn it into binary alone, it would take you hours. For example, did you know that the binary code for the letter A alone is 01000001? Imagine having to type a binary code of that, or similar, size for every single letter in a word, never mind an entire paragraph. Indeed, in this piece of writing alone, we have the use of 161 letter A’s.

That means that for us to convert text to binary manually, we would need to type the 01000001 binary code 161 times…and that is just for one letter!

With over 2,500 characters in this writing, we would have to write thousands of characters worth just to do this alone. Instead, we can run the text through our text to binary editor. This will quickly do the conversion for us, providing a wonderful and efficient editing solution that you can use time and time again.

So, take the stress out of editing and adjustment with the help of our text to binary editor. It is just what you should be looking for when it comes to making what is an important but time-consuming process a little bit easier.