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About URL Encoder / Decoder

There are so many little things to work out about any individual website, and the URL can contain many mysteries itself. If you are looking for another way to further analyse your website, you might want to look closer at our URL Encoder/Decoder. Extremely easy to use and a simple enough tool for anyone to use when they want to either encode or decode an entire URL in a few simple moments.

Simply input the links that you wish to decode, and our system will quickly run the process. This will give you a URL that has been decoded. For example, let us say that your product URL is a series of different letters, symbols, and different phrases. It might look ungainly for the reader and it might put someone off reading the URL. Instead of posting a large, unintelligible URL you could use our URL Encoder/Decoder to make sure that the text is broken down in a way that is much easier to use.

By the same token, you might find that you could also put in the name of a product and Encode it into a full URL that could be broken down and easily used as the name. This makes it easier for products to be sold online, to make them easier to market, and to make sure that keywords appear in the proper order and style.

If you are looking for a simple to use URL Encoder/Decoder, then this is available today.


Why do I need to decode a URL?

There are many benefits to choosing to decode a URL, with one of the main benefits being that it can ensure you get the right kind of URL in terms characters. For example, a URL can only use certain characters within the name otherwise it will not work. This includes all letters a-z and A-Z, as well as all numbers 0-9. You can also include various other keystrokes such as the dollar sign, the hyphen, the underscore and period, the exclamation mark, and open/closed brackets.

The reason why this matters is that if your text contains letters that cannot be used in a URL then it might not work as intended. This could mean that you have offending characters that will be replaced by a % sign instead. This looks horrible to the reader, and it will also make your URL less likely to be clicked upon.

By using our URL Encoder/Decoder, you can make sure that the text is quickly Encoded in a way that ensures you can easily use that URL instead. This will make your URLs more attractive, more likely to be clicked upon, and more suitable to the long-term purpose that you had in mind.

As such, if you are looking for a way to quickly make URLs appear more legible and remove those annoying % marks, start here. You can then use this to ensure that you use only the correct character set for the URL instead.

Then, all you need to do is update the URL with the Encoded text that our URL Encoder/Decoder provides. By the same token, you could use this to Decode an otherwise broken URL so that it can be repaired and made to look more aesthetically pleasing for anyone clicking on the link.