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About URL Rewriting Tool

When it comes to using your website to the best of its ability, you need to factor in every little major and minor attribute. For example, you might focus on the website layout and design. Yet while the design and even the content are essential parts of any website, you also need to have the right URLs for your website.

Your URL, known as a Uniform Resource Locator, is the ‘link’ that people click on to visit a web page. So, the URL for our page is known as ‘https://themarketinghelpline.com/free-seo-tools/url-rewriting-tool’.

Sometimes, though, you might wish to come up with a new URL that sounds a bit catchier. If you have a dynamic URL, then you might wish to swap it out for something a little bit easier on the eye. You might simply wish to come up with something that is more search engine friendly. Well, with our URL rewriting tool, you can input any dynamic URL into the platform and hit ‘Submit’.

Then, our system will come up with some automated ideas that you could build on down the line. We recommend that you try this out if you are looking for a system that allows you to easily take control of any URL. Use our simple and easy to work with the tool above, and you can easily get suggestions for which URLs you think you should rewrite.

Need a hand using our URL rewriting tool? Let us know via e-mail and we’ll be happy to provide you with support.


What is a URL?

A URL is a link that is used to get access to your website. While you might simply do a Google search and look for the company/service by name, you might want to make the URL easy to know. Some companies will look to use their exact company name. For example, we are The Marketing Helpline. As such, the URL to our website remarks upon that name.

However, you might also choose to use a major keyword in the name of your URL instead. If you were a professional carpet fitter in Luton, for example, you might wish to use something that has ‘carpet fitters in Luton’ within the URL (albeit without the spaces).

A URL should be first and foremost easy to remember. It should be catchy, and it should have something to do with the location. It should be like a phone number or an e-mail address; swift, stylish, and catchy. If you keep that in mind, you are much more likely to wind up with a URL that makes plenty of sense to you – and, crucially, to your audience.

So, be sure to think about the URLs that you are using when it comes to advertising products and services.


Why do I need to use a URL rewriting tool?

The main reason why you might wish to use our URL rewriting tool, then, is the ease of changing a URL. If you have a dynamic URL then you can use this system to quickly turn it into a static URL. This is easy to use and should ensure that you can quickly and easily turn a product around to have a much more interesting name.

If you run an eCommerce store, you might have a URL that is very unattractive to a buyer. For example, if your product was to have something like a category name and ID in the URL, it can look extremely messy and unprofessional. If you wish to avoid that issue, then you can use our URL rewriting tool to turn it around into a static URL. This will look for a URL name that feels far more in-line with the product itself.

So, if you were selling a stainless steel kettle in jet black, the page might be called something like ‘productcategory42/productitem445’ or something ungainly like that. If you were a buyer online, would you click on a link that looks so disorganised and amateur? It is unlikely!

That is why you should use our URL rewriting tool. Instead, this will create a much more click-friendly name that is going to make people more likely to use your wares and buy from your store. For when your website sounds like it is half-built, people will be less likely to come back and use your business in the future.

For that reason, we highly recommend that you look to make a switch-around with our help today. With our URL rewriting tool, you can easily make a new name easier to come up with. A URL has to be both SEO friendly and easy for a human user to click on without feeling concerned about the quality and/or safety of the link.

So, turn around those dynamic URLs with our simple and easy to use URL rewriting tool for quick results.