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About Website Hit Counter

When you own a website, the main aim for doing so is to bring people to visit your website. You have something to tell them, to show them, or to sell them. Whatever the reason for your website, though, you want to make sure you are getting plenty of visitors. Yet, without the use of metrics and analytics, it can be hard to know just how popular your website actually is. With the help of a simply installed website hit counter, though, you can make it much easier to work out what kind of visitation your website is seeing.

This is why we highly recommend that you look to pick up a website hit counter that can be added to your website. With a simple addition of some code generated by our system, you can then attach this hit counter to your website and see how many visitors you are receiving. This is great not only for your own eyes but to show people visiting your website that you get plenty of hits and visitors!

This encourages them to stick around, showing that your website has enough traction and interest to ensure that people see it as a worthwhile place to visit.


What is a website hit counter?

This is a simple little tool that can be installed onto a website to show the number of people who have visited your platform. This is very useful as it can be a good way to show the world that your website is getting a lot of visitors. People like to see that a website is busy, as it makes the more inclined to believe the website can be useful for them. With that in mind, you should look to use our website hit counter.

It can give you another little way to show customers that your website is worthwhile sticking around to visit and use. Who wants to use a website that has a hard time bringing anyone onto the platform to actually use the site itself?

If you have a website hit counter, you can show people that you do get plenty of visitors and that they can get something of value by signing on to look at the website itself. For that reason, you should definitely look to pick up our website hit counter and install it on your website. It really is easy to do, giving your website a new kind of metric to use for analysing performance.


Why do I need a website hit counter?

You don’t need one, but they are very useful for both aesthetics and analytics. People like to see the website they are visiting has some kind of meaningful visitation purpose. They want to see that others have been here in the past. To do that, you can show them a simple little website hit counter that breaks down the number of people who are visiting. It looks great, it shows the visiting audience that they have made a good decision, and it ensures that you can get plenty of added value.

It also helps you when it comes to analysing website performance and visitation standards. If you see a big drop-off in the number of new hits, you can then use the website hit counter to give you a numerical figure that you can then work with. This is very useful for anyone who is trying to make their life a bit easier, ensuring you can always find an easy to use website counter that is going to make a lot of sense.

It is a wise choice for just about anyone who is on the lookout for an easy way to make sure their website is getting the kind of visitors they had expected. Simply use the coding above to generate a website hit counter that you can then plug into your website and have it start picking up the metrics from here on in.

This is a great little addition to any website as it shows users that you have lots of visitors, and it shows you just how popular your website actually is. So, if you want another way to gauge and showcase interaction with your website, be sure to install a website hit counter!