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About Website Links Count Checker

Running a website and want to find out how many links are on the page? Then you don’t have to sit and count. With our Website Links Count Checker, you can quickly find out for yourself what website links are available. This can be very useful if you are looking for a way to count and check the links that are on a website quickly and easily.

To use our Website Links Count Checker, all you need to do is enter the URL of the website that you would like us to check. Then, you will be given a breakdown of the kind of links which are available. You will be told the number of total links, as well as how many links are internal and how many are external. That is why we highly recommend that you look to use a Website Links Count Checker.

While it does not break down the links page by page, it does give you the number of links that can be found. If you want to know if a page is properly connected, then this tool will let you quickly find out if the website is quite linked-up enough.


What is a link?

A link is a process of sending you from one webpage to another. This comes in two primary forms of link.

First off, you get an Internal link which will be linked to a page on your website. For example, you could be linking someone to a Contact Us page, a Membership page, or even a Buy Now to purchase a product/service. The other option that you will get today is an External link.

External links send the person to another website. For example, you might link to a product which is for sale on a third party vendor, such as Amazon or eBay. You might even want to send someone a reference link to a government website or a study that was taken to make something easier to prove.

Overall, though, the main thing to know about a link is that it can act as a bridge to take you from one page to the next. This means you can quickly and easily take control of the number of website links that you need, sending people to the right place. From linking buyers to a good deal to offering reference to quotes and/or facts, this works very well.


What is a Website Links Count Checker?

As the name implies, this took quite simply looks through the links of any website. It looks to find out where the links are going, and whether or not it is externally linked or internally linked. This tool is useful for anyone who wants to find out if their website is using too many (or not enough) internal links, making it easy for you to adjust the problem and make sure you have the right kind of links going across your website.

Even more importantly, it helps you to know if you have forgotten to include more links. If you intended to include, say, ten external references yet only five are found, you should look to use a Website Links Count Checker. This will give you a good idea of how many links are present, making it easy for you to start making choices revolving around those links.

A bit of planning in this manner can go a long way to making sure you can enjoy the best experience regarding link management. You might even wish to use our Website Links Count Checker to check another website and find out if it has more or fewer links than you.

Whatever the reason you choose to use our tool, simply input the URL you wish to evaluate. You will then be given a clear idea of how many links in total and in what style can be found on the website. Want to try out another page? Simply enter in a new URL and press ‘Try New URL’ to check a second page.

With our Website Links Count Checker, you can quickly find out how many links are present, further informing your link building strategy as you move forward with your website development.