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About Website Reviewer

Ownership of a website means taking in many different features, factors, and details. Often, we can find ourselves overwhelmed with the sheer enormity of the task. Trying to remember every little factor and result can become nigh-impossible. If you find yourself in that position, you might wish to look for help with our all-in-one website reviewer.

Simply enter the URL of your website into our website reviewer, and it will run the analysis for you quickly. You will then be given a list of key metrics across a whole host of factors. Each factor will be then be given a grade that has either Passed, is To Be Improved, or has Errors. Therefore, you can set a priority list and begin working on each of these issues.

Make no mistake, though, that this is only the beginning of the journey to creating a quality website. While scoring high would always be preferable, we urge you to always look for new and improved ways to add to your website. Keep improving and adding to a website, and you can ensure that it plays a positive role in your business for years to come.

Simply enter the URL you wish to have analysed and hit ‘Submit’.


What does a website reviewer do?

When you run any website through our system, it looks for a host of different factors that could be important for a website. Some of the most important features that it might bring up during usage include:

Title Tags

These are very important in the grand scheme of any website, but they are very limited. Title tags relate to what your website is actually about in a very short selection of words. They are limited by character length to a very small amount, often around 50 characters.

Meta Description

The Meta Description is what your website uses to help sell itself on places like the search engines. When you look at the Meta Description of a website, it is the small descriptive line of text you see underneath the name and title of the website. They are often limited to around 150 characters.

Meta Keywords

Any related keywords which are suggested to be part of the website. This helps to further emphasize the point of the website, and ensure that it stands out more from an SEO perspective.


The headings that your website use are very important, as you need a good blend of H1, H2, and H3 tags to make a website perform well. Header tags break down the website in a way that is both easy for readers to understand and for search engine crawlers to understand key topics/points being raised.

Alt Attribute

Images on a website should always have an Alt Attribute; this is a key to SEO as it allows you to use keywords in a sophisticated way. When you highlight over an image, it should give you the Alt Attribute; essentially a description of what the image is. Useful for SEO and for audio description of any webpage.


We provide you with content to do with both the consistency of keywords and the kind of keywords being used. This can be useful for you to quickly look through and pick out which terms seem to be among the most popular to be used on your website. If you find that the keywords do not line-up with intention or aim, it can be corrected.


We also provide you with a host of useful information about links coming in and out of your website. This quickly breaks down the links that you have on our website and can show you where you might have issues with dead links, broken links, and other issues.

Key Features

You can also get an easy sense of feedback on key issues like the presence of an XML sitemap and a Robots.txt file. These are crucial for SEO and navigation purposes and can make getting your website properly on the search engines so much easier. As such, we help you to quickly find out if either file exists or not, and how to get one if missing.


What can I do with this information?

Among the above tools and many more, our website reviewer gives you a lot of information that you might not have on your website as it is. While you might not need every detail, you can use each part of our review tool above to find out some important metrics for long-term SEO and website adjustment.

Therefore, you should look to get the information that you need from our website review system and put it to good use. This could be useful metrics and to-do lists for your web development team. It might also give you a clear idea of what has to change to get your website running as well as you would have hoped.

Either way, you now have more information about the success and issues with your website then you had previously!