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About What is my Browser

Do you happen to use a particular website browser? Then you might wish to know more about the platform that you are using. Many of us simply use the first browser that we have installed on our PC or smartphone. We might also choose to use a new browser for viewing purposes. For example, are you noticing that your website loads totally different from one browser to the next? Then you might want to work out ‘what is my browser?’

With our simple tool above, though, you can easily find out what browser you are using. In fact, we have already done the hard work for you!

Simply take a look at the table above, and it will break down the following factors:

· The browser you are using to view this particular part of our website.

· The version of your browser (you should check to see if this is up-to-date).

· The Operating System that you are using (such as Microsoft Windows or Apple).

· The User Agent that is associated with your browser.

Then, you can quickly and easily take note of each of these important details so that you know exactly what to look out for when you are using a browser.


What is a browser?

Your browser is the tool that you use to scour the internet for information. You need a browser if you wish to view anything on the internet. Even things like your e-mail client on your smartphone will have an internet browser built-in. There are many popular browsers on the market today, including tools such as Mozilla FirefoxGoogle ChromeMicrosoft EdgeSafari, and various other smaller market properties.

A browser, though, is simply the app or piece of software that you run to start looking around on the internet. Without a browser, you would not be able to connect to the website and see them as they should be.

The main reason why you want to know about browsers, though, is because each browser is different. Some use different security protocols, while others are more compatible with various forms of code compared to other browsers. As such, you should look to try and work out what the best browser would be for you personally. So, if you are wondering ‘what is my browser?’ then you just need to check our page.

Then, you can decide to stick with or change browsers!


Why would I change browsers?

One of the most common reasons is if you are a coder, designer, or webmaster. If you get a complaint that your website looks poor/weird on a particular browser, you need to check it for yourself. It could come down to something else like screen resolution or anything else, really. The main thing to do is check out for yourself. Simply ask the complainant to use our tool and they can tell you what their browser is nice and quickly. You can then download the same browser and check the issues out for yourself.

Not every browser reads code or design in the same way as the next browser. With that in mind, you might want to change browsers and see what the problem(s) might be with other platforms. There are various browsers out there to use, and each one has their pros and cons. By using our tool to find out what browser you are using, you can then try out an alternative browser and see if the problems persist.

Whether you are a developer or a website user, though, this lets you know if the issue is with the platform or with your browser.


Why do I need to know which browser I use?

There are various reasons why this knowledge is valuable to you, but the main reason is simply to know. Now, if you have any issues with your website (or any other website) you can check it out on another browser. Browser-wide issues are commonplace for certain sites, but if someone tells you that they spot the problems when logging on you might simply ignore their issues. Why? Because you personally cannot see the problem and think they are simply being incorrect.

By asking them to use our tool, though, you can what browser(s) could be at fault for the design or website performance issues. The more variable your websites are, the easier it is for someone else to visit your website and learn from your page. That is why you should definitely look to use our browser system to help work out what the problems are with your browser.

Once you do this, you are much more likely to find that you can get a solution that makes sense. Whether the issues are on your site or with a browser, now you can find out and investigate the problem personally.