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About Word Counter Pro

Writing a piece of content for a website or a blog? Then you might want to know how long the content is going to be. That is why we have put together a simple, easy to use word counter. This tool has been designed for a simple and easy process; to let you quickly check how many words are in a piece of content without issue. Sometimes, you might be trying to reach a very particular word count for search engine optimisation reasons. It might even be for stylistic reasons.

Whatever the reason, though, our word counter makes sure that you can always make the right word count. No more relying on rough counts, running your finger along with the screen, or anything of the sort!

To use our word counter, you really do just need to copy the text from the relevant website/document and paste it in. Once the text is pasted within the section, click the ‘Count Words’ button. Our counter will then run the text through for you entirely, checking the text for both the total words and the number of total characters (letters and spaces).

This is very important to note for various reasons and can be a very useful tool even when you least expect it.


What is a word counter?

As the name suggests, a word counter quite literally just counts your words. You put a set text into the word counter, and it will then evaluate the words for you. You will be told in both words and characters, ensuring you do literally know to the last letter how long your text is.

You might wonder why you need to know such accurate numbers. Most of the time, the reason comes down to the fact that you might be limited by space. For example, on your website, you might have to lay text within a very particular area of design. This means making sure that the word count is correct to fit in is absolutely essential.

At the same time, you might simply wish to make sure that the right number of words is correct for an article and/or blog post. If you look at our word counter, you can find out if your content is going to fit into the designated slot that you have left open for it.

That is why, if you are looking to get accuracy, you should use our word counter.


Why do I need a word counter?

Another key reason to think about using a word counter is for search engine optimisation (SEO) purposes. For example, the Meta Description and Meta Title of any website or webpage have to be strictly within a character count. If you get sick of trying to guess and having cut-off Meta content, you should look to use a word counter.

This speeds up the process with a click of the button, giving you the exact number of words you have pieced together so far. We highly recommend this for anyone who is looking to help improve the quality of their content from an SEO perspective. The same goes for if you are writing a piece of content.

For example, you might not wish to stretch out the words too excessively across the page. With some search engines looking for a minimum of 300 words before they will thoroughly index content, though, you might wish to make sure you have hit the minimum mark.

As an aside, we recommend you try to make all needed website content a minimum of 500 words. In many cases, this can be a happy medium between volume and offering value. Should you wish to find out just how many words you have, though, you should use our word counter for a simple and quick word and character count.