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About Wordpress Theme Detector

Do you ever come across a website on the internet and think that you really like the look of it? Then you might wish to run the website URL through our WordPress theme detector. This quick and easy analysis tool will scan the website for the telltale back-end signs of a WordPress theme. Then, you will be given as much detail as we can locate about the theme. You could then look up this theme, invest in it yourself, and use it for the creation of a website that looks just the way that you had hoped.

We set up this WordPress theme detector so that you are never left wondering where a design came from. If nothing else, it can be useful for working out if a company that claims to create ‘bespoke website designs’ is in fact using a theme for their own website, too!

Whether you use this to find a theme for inspiration, to work out if a designer is telling tails, or if you just want to do a bit of reconnaissance and checking on a competitor website, you can use our WordPress theme detector to find out where the design came from.


What is a WordPress theme?

A WordPress theme is a pre-developed website design that you can download and/or buy for WordPress. WordPress is one of the best content management suites on the web for those who are building websites. It allows for easy and simple back-end management of a website, offering a user-friendly layout that ensures the website is easy to manage, simple to keep secure, and totally within the control of your decisions.

However, creating a totally fresh website design is, without doubt, a challenge in the extreme. If you ever wished to get a proper WordPress website designed, you could be looking at thousands of pounds in fees to have it developed for you. With that in mind, you might wish to simply pay a fraction of the same fee and buy a WordPress theme and then edit it to suit your needs.

If you like how a website looks, then you might wish to mimic their design with the same theme. You can find out what they are using, then, by working with our WordPress theme detector. You can then find the theme, try out a demo, and see how easy it is to customise.


Why would I use a WordPress theme?

There are many solid reasons to think about using a WordPress theme for your website. For example, you might look at the content you have and just decide that it does not look modern. You might, though, be short on the funds needed to build a totally bespoke design. You might even be in the process of creating a new business start-up and thus lack the capital to put into the design. When that happens, you could use a WordPress theme.

This gives you an easy to end and solid website design that can be customised and essentially filled in to suit your business. This would allow for a much simpler and easier process, giving you all of the assistance that you need to quickly and effectively develop a website in a fraction of the time. You can even find that most websites made using a WordPress theme could be set-up by someone with little to no professional experience.

As such, you might see why so many companies today look to invest in WordPress themes. For simplicity and ease of use, they make it simpler than ever for you to build your own website.


Should I use a WordPress theme?

That is entirely your choice – we are not here to tell you what is right or wrong in website development!

What we do want you to do, though, is make a choice. Many people see the use of a website theme as generic and lacking in creativity, yet look at the website that you initially were impressed by. If you were to find out that is a website made using a WordPress theme, would it make you realise the rich potential that exists in the industry?

For that reason, you might wish to take a much closer look at the WordPress theme options on the market today. Or, you can find a website that you like, run it through our WordPress theme detector, and find out if this is going to be the best choice for you to start from. Buying and/or licensing a WordPress theme is very easy, with major platforms such as ThemeForest allowing for easy discovery of WordPress themes.

Whatever you choose, though, a WordPress theme detector can be just what you might be looking for. From inspiration to coming up with ideas about what a company can really provide you as your web developer, run our WordPress theme detector for a fuller understanding of what you are getting today.