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About www Redirect Checker

For anyone who is trying to manage a website today, one of the most important issues you have is directions being accurate. If someone visits your website and they click on a page, it should take them to where they expect. If it does not, then you might wish to use our www redirect checker. This simple to manage tool allows you to quickly and easily check any redirections that a URL pushes.

When someone clicks on a URL, it does not always take them directly to where they have clicked. It might take them to an affiliate link, or it might be a landing page promoting the product/service offered. As such, you should be looking to find out exactly where a page is redirecting people to. If you notice a particular link is producing a lot of bounces, then you might wish to use our redirect checker to find out why!

Easy to use and simple, you just need to enter the link that you wish to check and then hit the ‘Submit’ button. Our device will then go through the redirection process, letting you know exactly where the URL is taking you to once you click it.


What is a redirect?

Many times, you might wish to direct someone to a product, service, or page. This might mean using a link that takes them to the product indirectly. This is known as a redirect. With a redirected URL, you have someone click on one link but then appear at another page. It’s a useful tool that allows you to easily direct traffic, if you will, to your website through the right kind of redirecting.

However, only users are wary of redirects as it can feel like they have been misrepresented. You might wish to make sure, then, that all redirects make logical sense. You might also wish to make sure that the redirect actually works!

For example, when you have a redirect set up you are often given one of two codes: a 301 redirect, or a 302 redirect. A 310 redirect is used when a page is moving permanently from one URL to the next. However, a 302 redirect is used for a temporary replacement. It is common to choose to change the URL of a website. The product name might have changed, or you might have simply come up with a better name for the URL.

This means taking the old URL and either redirecting people to the new URL or replacing the old directs completely. However, this might mean having to go back and adjust massive amounts of backlinks to a particular page or product. So long as the end result remains the same, though, you can often find that using a redirect option is the easiest way to keep the site operational without losing anything.

You might also wish to use a redirect for things like sub-directories and sub-domains which are on another domain. In short, you have many ways in which you might choose to redirect something.


Why do I need a www redirect checker?

The main reason why you need a checker is to ensure that any links you have set up actually work. Our service will quickly check the link given and then tell you the status of the redirection. If it is not working, we will let you know. You can then have your IT team investigate the issue and find out why your redirection is not working.

You also need our www redirect checker to make sure that all outdated links are still leading somewhere useful. With a redirect, you could, for example, turn any links to a 2017 edition of a product to link to its new, improved 2020 edition. Instead of having those old links across blogs and other pages linking to a product which no longer exists, you can direct customers to the new-and-improved replacement.

This means that old content and marketing, even on outdated versions of products, can still lead people to the right kind of solution. You can ensure, then, that your redirections are working in a way that is ethical, sensible, and responsible.

Many people choose to also update the URL of a website because they have changed keywords or have localised the content. You can then use our www redirect checker to make sure that any redirects are working as they were supposed to.

Redirecting is a very powerful tool and can help to keep otherwise dead and outdated links still leading to results down the line. However, you need to know if a URL is redirecting people in the right way and to the correct place. With our simple and easy www redirect checker, you can find out for yourself in a few clicks. Then, you can start to work on any needed solutions to get each page operating as intended.