About XML to JSON

If you need to convert an XML file into JSON formats, then you can make the whole process a little easier today. Simply take a look at our XML to JSON converter. This makes quick work of a conversion that can be quite tedious to do on your own.

Simply take the XML file that you need to convert and open the file. Select all of its contents and paste that into the box on the left-hand side. This will quickly check it over for you, and then convert it into the JSON format that you are looking for. You can then save that version of the document where required, copying the JSON output and copying it to the relevant location.

Save yourself a lot of time and stress when it comes to converting to XML to JSON by using our above editor. It can make what is often a challenging, annoying process a little bit easier to deal with.


What is XML?

Extended Markup Language (XML) is a commonly used format for the storing and movement of data. It is a regularly used format because it is so robust, versatile, commonly used, and is a popular choice on the internet. Indeed, many web services today will use XML formats for many important data storage points. It is also common with RSS feeds, which is another popular platform on the web.

Indeed, the vast majority of blogging platforms and conventional websites are likely to use XML files in their RSS feeds. Therefore, XML is a regular choice that you might find can be extremely useful in just about any kind of normal data storage and transfer process.


What is JSON?

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a very popular way of representing data that can be used in JavaScript. As one of the most popular formats of its kind, JavaScript object formats are used in a whole host of different platforms online and offline. As such, it is common that you might need to turn XML documents contents into readable JSON formats.

This is a commonly used system in programming and is often used in application programs thanks to its widespread use, and relatively easy interaction. Indeed, many AAPI developments like to use JSON for how easy it is to manage and its versatile nature.


Why would I wish to convert XML to JSON?

You might wish to do this because while XML data can be easily read and understood by a human eye, JSON is less legible. It is, though, more easily used by JavaScript and other software systems. Therefore, you might wish to make the process of using those files easier by turning to our XML to JSON conversion tool. This can also make sure that your XML format contents are going to be compatible with JSON formats, ensuring they can be easily imported and used where and when needed.

So, for an easier conversion process from XML to JSON, use our converter above. Just copy the contents from your XML file and click ‘Convert XML to JSON’.