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About XML Sitemap Generator

Running a website? Then it is likely that your website will need an XML sitemap. This is an essential part of website development, and not having a sitemap can make your website harder to improve and rank higher. At The Marketing Helpline, we know that you have so many small but important tasks to complete for your website to thrive. With that in mind, we have put together a simple, easy to use XML sitemap generator.

This simple tool allows for you to quickly put together the XML sitemap for your website without having to do anything. It’s one of the most basic starting points for keeping a well-built website running well, operating as intended, and doing the job that you need of the website.

In a bid to help you make your XML sitemap even easier to generate, you just need to use the system above. This is extremely easy to generate, all that you need to do is include:

· The domain name of your website (the URL i.e. www.whateveryourwebsiteiscalled.end).

· The date of modification (you can choose not to include this if you would rather not).

· The Default priority, which can be set from None to 1.

· The number of pages that the XML sitemap generator is going to need to crawl through.


What is an XML sitemap?

An XML sitemap is a particular document that is used by the search engine crawlers to understand your website better. We use many tools to help our websites be understood by the crawlers, and each one does its own small but significant job within the wider process. However, by far one of the most impressive and important changes you can make is the installation of an XML sitemap.

Without one, you are making it much harder for your website to be understood and therefore properly checked over. An XML sitemap is a major part of the website because it gives the crawlers a clear idea of the important pages on your website. This means that no page you feel is pertinent to your website’s success will be ignored.

At the same time, though, you will find that the sitemap also places a big role in making sure your website has a clear hierarchical structure. This is more important than you might assume, as your website will need to have a clear structure from top to bottom. This makes sure that the pages are not only read in the right level of detail, but also in the right order. So, if your website is operating without an XML sitemap, you are making life harder for the search engines.

And naturally, we want to make life as easy as we can. To do that, we use all of the little guides, aides, and tools that we can to ensure the website is easily grasped. To keep that happening, it is wise to use an XML sitemap generator like the one we have here. It ensures swift, simple set-up of a sitemap.


Why do I need to generate an XML sitemap?

The simplest reason is the most important one – you are going to make your website easier to rank. And when you have so much competition on the web, the easier you can make something the more beneficial it will be for you in the long-term. There really is no benefit to not having an XML sitemap; it can only make your website better.

Of course, that is why you should use an XML sitemap generator as opposed to writing it yourself. The sitemap could be self-written, but it does give rise to the chance of mistakes, problems, and errors. We suggest that you try to get around that problem by having the sitemap created for you. Writing it out on your own would simply, at best, result in the same results.

So long as your website is properly organised and set out as intended, an XML sitemap generator will get the sitemap right at the first time of asking. If you do run into problems and cannot work out why we recommend you get in touch with one of our team members at The Marketing Helpline.

It could be an issue with the structure and/or hierarchy of files on your website. Problems can exist and develop from this issue, and it could become quite problematic to solve if you are not used to solving such issues.

By using our generator, you keep your sitemap simple and easy to build upon in the future should your website grow and build. It also means that you can easily direct the search engine crawlers to the most important parts of your website, improving your favourability over time.

With that in mind, we highly recommend that you look to develop and generate an XML sitemap using our on-site system.