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Income Tax Calculator


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Income Tax Calculator


They say that in life we have only two guarantees – death, and taxes. Sadly, we’ll be seeing a lot of the latter right up until the former. Taxation is a vital aspect of society, and it plays a huge role in keeping our nations alive and strong. It pays for everything from schools to roads to other key state facilities. However, if you want to know just how much you are contributing to the public purse, using a tax calculator can make a lot of sense.

Whether it’s because you are self-employed or you have moved into a new tax band, tax can become highly confusing. What you owe soon becomes a far more confusing sum than you might have first realised. When that happens, it might be important for you to start making some calculations so you know where your investment needs to begin and end.

Finding it hard to run the numbers and come up with satisfying sums? Then use our easy to use tax calculator to help you make the process a whole lot easier. Tax is a big part of the reason why many of us fall into debt; proper calculation, though, goes a long way.


What is tax?

Taxation is a form of payment we are all obligated to make to the government. For those who are employed by a company, your tax should be taken at source. This means that once you receive your wage slip, it should provide you with a breakdown of what you earn versus what you actually made. Your earnings will be lesser than what you made because your taxes will automatically be paid to the government.

However, for those who employ themselves, you will need to hand in your own personal tax records. That is highly important to recognise, as most do not realise that tax calculations need to be managed personally. In the UK, you then need to fill in your tax records with the government and then pay any tax liabilities that you happen to have hanging over you.

Taxation is worked out based on the rate that you earn. The higher you earn, the more of your earnings you pay in tax. Typically, though, our tax calculator can quickly and easily break down what you owe so that you can easily work out what tax band you fall into and thus what tax liabilities you will face.


Why do I need a tax calculator?

The main reason is simple – so you don’t need to spend all day making up sums on your own. Instead of having to self-plan your taxes, a tax calculator does all of the hard work for you. Our system is designed in such a way that you can quickly and easily throw together the sums and then make an informed choice based on the feedback you are given.

This then gives you a much closer representation of what you are expected to pay. All you need to do is fill in the figures where you are asked, and you can quickly throw together an in-place tax calculation that makes a lot more sense. Now, to the penny, you know what you are paying and what you need to start paying to get back the full return on your investment.

The challenge you face when it comes to managing your costs with a tax calculator is getting the base figures right. With our calculator, though, we look to keep the input needed on your end to an absolute minimum so you can quickly and easily calculate what your tax liabilities are going to be moving forward.


How do I use a tax calculator?

To use our tax calculator, all that you need to do is fill in the figures that you are asked for on the form below. This will require you to know some details about yourself, such as your income and your expenses. You can then put these details in quickly, and our tax calculator will run it through the system.

Our platform uses up-to-date tax records so that you know 100% what you are getting in terms of a payment slip. Now, you will know what you need to pay in terms of tax. You literally just need to include a few choice figures that are asked for, and in return you can swiftly and simply fill out your tax return so that you can get the right pay rate.

Make sure you enter the rates properly, though, otherwise the rates our tax calculator suggests and the rates you need to actually pay could differ quite significantly, so keep that in mind.