PPC services: Adwords and Bing Ads consultancy

ppc servicesIn marketing today, by far and away your most important tool is your budget. If you lack a strong and consistent budget, it can be hard to build a decent return on your investment. When your budget is allowed to fluctuate, this can lead to boom and bust economics – which is never a good thing. You want your business to enjoy a steady line of regular and consistent business, rather than peaks and troughs. With our help at The Marketing Helpline, you can make sure that this is achievable starting today.

With the help of our Pay Per Click (PPC) services, you have all the help that you need to do just that. PPC is a hard thing to get right on your own, though. As the name suggests, PPC services means running an advertisement online. It essentially forces itself to the top of the search engines and serves as the recommended answer to someone in the industry today. However, you pay every time someone clicks on your advert.

This means that if you set a limitless budget and you target as many people as possible; you will waste lots of money. Targeting everyone means having lots of clicks from people who have little to no interest in your service. Even if they leave your website after a few seconds, they still have cost you a single click. If only one in one thousand visitors actually convert, are you really seeing good value for money?

What should I do with PPC services?

Rather than guessing, or needing to understand the latest PPC rules, let our team at The Marketing Helpline help out. With our expertise and knowledge, we will efficiently demonstrate how to create professional advertisements that provide the return on your investment – or we can handle your PPC campaigns for you. Our team will ensure that your advertisements do three things:

Improve your audience targeting

Firstly, we sit down with you and work out who you should be targeting. “Who?” is the most important question in running any PPC services. We will identify a clear list of audience targeting solutions that will help us to make informed choices about targeting, what kind of language to use, and what keywords to methodically target.

Boost your accuracy and conversions

By having a much more effective idea of who to speak to, we can make the message resonate much more clearly. With a team of in-house copywriting experts, we know how to create advertisements that can entice the right customers to click through. We focus on providing a solution for their pain point in the form of your products and services.

This means that if someone does click, they are far more likely to find the advert has what they are looking for, and with each click, you have a much higher chance of landing a sale.

Give your business a clear focus

Through intelligent marketing techniques, we ensure that your business has a clear message that customers will pay attention to. PPC has to be focused on a very clear and specific audience, and we can help you to find that audience. Then, through the use of the most appropriate language, we entice them to take action.

This results in gaining customers finding you, producing increased results and over time, ensuring that more people convert into repeat customers – which is the holy grail of business today.

Use our AdWords and Bing Ads Services today

At The Marketing Helpline, we are experts in using all major PPC services. We can run campaigns on major search engines like Bing and Google. These draw in massive crowds, but through our smart use of selective language we ensure that your ads speak to the audience exactly as you would have intended. In short, we ensure that every click counts.

While nobody can guarantee 1-for-1 conversions, our approach creates a harmony and a focus to your Ad campaigns that simply was not present beforehand. Our solutions are very much worth the time, effort, and investment – and our repeat customers don’t trust anybody else. Get in touch to discuss your requirements today.

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